Iran, al Qaeda and Islam- Precursors to Disaster

By Randy Taylor, Contributing Analyst

What you are witnessing today is the forces of Good and Evil locked in a death struggle. Recognize it for what it is. Sit down and teach your children what they will certainly face because eventually you will not be here to guide them through what surely will come.


2 June 2006: Iran, the masters of distraction are still dancing around the issue of whether they should be allowed to possess nuclear materials. The United States, for all intents and purposes appearing to want to keep from blasting Iran off the planet are going through the motions, filling Iran’s dance card. How long the dance will last, only a few people know.

It is important to the point of imperative that the people of the United States and all other countries that are predominantly non-Muslim to realize and accept that Iran cannot be allowed to continue in their current path. Iran is the seat of Islam, the root of terrorism, the home of the “Caliphate,” (as you will) and the headquarters of everything evil. We must understand and accept without reservation that the sole intent of Islam is to destroy everything that is not Islamic. This is not some religious whim that will eventually pass, this is not some lonely nutcase that managed to accumulate some followers and live in a compound and sit around and smoke dope and make up religious fantasies. This is life and death, and this is what is foretold in the scriptures. This is Evil and must be recognized for what it is. This is the clash between good and evil in literal biblical proportions.

There is no peace plan that is workable in the Middle East. There is no negotiating with terrorist governments and groups. We cannot make a deal with the devil, period. Letting Iran have nuclear capability unchecked is like handing the arsonist matches and gasoline or locking a six year old child in a room with a pedophile. (I wanted to put the example in terms that followers of Mohammed would understand).

Iran has spoken openly that they fully intend to destroy Israel, the will eventually lash out directly against the United States and they will orchestrate the terror that will occur within this nations borders. They are al Qaeda. That’s right, al Qaeda is Islam, Iran is Islam, Islam is Islam, and all three are synonyms for evil.

This isn’t about a few people that “hijacked” the “religion” of Islam. No one hijacked the so called “religion”. The idiots here in the United States and Europe that think that Islam can be tolerated, can co-exist peacefully, can be negotiated with and think that Islam is a peaceful religion are blind to this evil movement and will serve as the catalyst for the destruction of mankind as we know it.

There is no place on this planet where Islam prevails and Sharia law is followed to the letter that can be considered a good place to live, can be considered a democracy and be considered to have freedom as we know it. If you know of one such place feel free to email me and disclose the location. Islamic countries are mostly third world, poverty stricken (except for the elite or the royals), kill and murders people of outside faiths at will, degrade and abuse women and children, teach hate and death as the curriculum in the schools.

Here is the paradox: Do we deal with it now or do we leave it for our children and grandchildren to deal with? What are your children doing at this precise moment in time? Are they outside playing with friends, are they watching television, are the on the computer? Let me tell you what the Middle Eastern children are doing.

They are in classrooms being taught to hate Israel and her allies, being taught how to use firearms and build bombs, being taught the merits of suicide bombings. They are being systematically programmed to kill and destroy what the adults don’t manage to kill and destroy in their own lifetimes. They are being taught radical, hate filled Islam by the leaders of their families, and local schools and mosques. They are being trained to kill you and your children.

I have watched films upon films of Muslim children in their own environments, in their schools, mosques, jihad training camps and homes being taught violence directed towards the people of other faiths and belief systems different from their own. This is not a rarity; this is not the hijacking of a religion by a few zealots. This is becoming the norm. When all you know is violence and your upbringing was hate, you are a threat to society.

You read of children crossing into Israeli areas strapped with explosives and blowing themselves up all the time. What kind of person, religion or ideology would entice or convince a child that suicide and the taking of other human lives is honorable or even an option? The answer is Islam does. Children mean nothing in Islamic countries and societies; they are as expendable as cattle are in a stock yard.

So the next time you hear about another attempted infiltration by organized Islam into our established way of life, into our judicial system, into our classrooms, our legal system, into our Freedom Based society and way of life, you need to think about the eventual overall cost. What we as Americans would call the end result, the end product. The end product is death, destruction, poverty, violence, rape, murder and total loss of your freedoms, primarily your religious freedom. When you hear about Iran and their total lack of cooperation with the non-Muslim countries and you listen or read the venomous hatred coming out of Tehran, Iran you need to look at the big picture, the end result, the end product. A 100% terrorist state armed with nuclear weapons and an agenda to bring about the end of all mankind that isn’t Muslim cannot be allowed to operate at will. It brings only pain and suffering, death and destruction to all mankind.

Think about it people. What you are witnessing today is the forces of Good and Evil locked in a death struggle. Recognize it for what it is. Sit down and teach your children what they will certainly face because eventually you will not be here to guide them through what surely will come. Don’t teach them violence as the only tool but instead teach them to recognize evil for what it is. Teach them that Islam is here to destroy them. At least teach your children the basics so that they have a chance once we are gone if this final confrontation doesn’t come about in our lifetimes. It’s your duty to do so.

Stay safe. Be vigilant.