Shoulder-Fired Missiles Pose Serious Threat to Passenger Jets

30 March 2006: This week, ABC News World News Tonight ran a story about the possible threat of shoulder-fired missiles to commercial and passenger aircraft. In that article, reference was made to the incident involving American Airlines Flight 612 that departed from LAX last November, where the pilot reported seeing what appeared to be a rocket or missile narrowly missing his aircraft. According to official reports, it was determined that the pilot “most likely saw a hobby rocket” that posed no threat to the aircraft.

The Northeast Intelligence Network extensively investigated this incident, and determined that the official explanation was the most unlikely explanation. Bolstering the possibility that the LAX incident was probably NOT a model rocket is Senator Barbara Boxer who serves on the Senate Subcommittee on Aviation.

Stated Boxer: “We had a scare in Los Angeles. We’ve been told that they cannot rule out the fact that it was a shoulder-fired missile.”