“Three Little Pigs” remake rejected: “offensive to Muslims”

24 January 2008: A digital remake of a long favorite children’s story based on the Three Little Pigs was rejected for a government-backed award because the judges became concerned it would offend Muslims. Judges for the UK Bett awards, backed by Becta, the Government’s technology agency for schools and partner in the annual award for schools, reportedly rejected the digital remake after warning that “the use of pigs raises cultural issues.”

According to the BBC, Becta says that it is standing by the judges’ verdict. “Becta with its partners is responsible for the judging criteria against which the 70 independent judges, mostly practicing teachers, comment. All the partners stick by the judging criteria,” said an unnamed Becta spokesman. Becta runs the awards with the Besa trade association and show organizers, Emap Education.

Anne Curtis, creative director of the digital book, said the idea that pigs in a story could be interpreted as racism was “like a slap in the face”. She added: “To be told we cynically set out to alienate minority groups is narrow-minded.”