NYC first responders evolution from heroes to potential terrorists

By Joseph Hagmann, Associate Director, Staff Researcher

Within the last few weeks, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has been in the news for a variety of reasons, none of which are positive nor helpful to the citizens of his city. Bloomberg has been showing his true anti-American sentiment through the extreme positions he has taken on issues important to millions of New Yorkers. His actions further the belief that the mayor is a global elitist, a special interest leader who does not care about the people in his city.

One of the more controversial issues in which the mayor is his firm stance advocating the construction of the “Ground Zero mosque.”   This story has recently gained new traction in light of another bold move from Bloomberg who decided to ban the clergy from the September 11, 2011 tenth anniversary ceremonies.  This has sparked an outcry of from religious leaders for the mayor to change his position and offer the clergy a role in the ceremony.  This is not just a slap in the face to the church, but continues a growing trend to remove God from our society.  Responding to the banning of clergy, former New York Deputy Mayor Washington said “this is America, and to have a memorial service where there’s no prayer, this appears to be insanity to me.”

Adding insult to injury, Mayor Bloomberg drove yet another nail in the coffin of all 9/11 victims, their families and the heroic first responders.  The mayor announced that first responders are not allowed to attend the 9/11 memorial service. Yes ladies and gentlemen, you heard this correctly. The same people who came to the rescue on that tragic morning, risked their lives by running toward almost certain death, have been banned from attending the ceremony.

Over 90,000 firefighters, police officers and civilian volunteers who are our national heroes are being blackballed by a corrupt leadership that places more emphasis on political posturing than honoring those who are the most deserving. Exacerbating matters, many of first responders have died as a result of complications due to the toxicity of the airborne dust and debris from the World Trade Center site. In a March 2010 article written by Dave Rible of New Jersey newsroom, a staggering 70%, or 33,000 of the 40,000 people who responded in the immediate aftermath of the attacks and engaged in recovery and clean-up of the site are either extremely ill or have already died from environmental conditions at Ground Zero.

The ill health and death of workers at Ground Zero, especially those who spent a significant amount of time in the area, is even more tragic as they were assured that the air quality posed no health hazard. Two days after the attacks, former head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Christine Todd Whitman told reporters at Ground Zero that “we have not seen any reason, any readings that have indicated any health hazard.”  Based on such assurances, only 30% of the recovery workers in lower Manhattan actually wore any type of protective respiratory gear. It has since been revealed that the EPA report was based on a complete fabrication and safety reports done on the WTC buildings showed that they were due for major repairs to clean out massive amount of asbestos.

Additionally, a 2004 report in The New York Times cited scientific studies that described the “dust cloud that spilled through the city contained asbestos, lead, mercury and other harmful substances. Five years later, a 2009 CBS interview with an EPA insider alleges that the EPA knowingly lied “when it claimed the air at ground zero was safe to breathe in the weeks after the 9/11 attacks.”  Cate Jenkins, PhD was asked during the interview if EPA officials lied about the health hazard posed by the toxic air.  Dr. Jenkins responded, “Yes, they did.”

The same New York Times report cited above describes how first responders were fighting for basic health care in 2004. In many cases, the fight continues today. and continuing today due to the sickness they have received from working in the rubble.

The corporate media has failed the victims, the responders, those involved in the clean-up, and our nation by their failure to report such facts. Instead, the first responders and even the victims have been attacked by some influential media pundits and by others in the government, but only after the politicians had finished with their grandstanding photo opportunities. Political leaders who occupied the inside of intelligence circles and are believed to have had some forewarning to an unprecedented attack have instead used nearly all aspects of Ground Zero, from the attacks to the aftermath to advance their big-brother agenda through the control of propaganda and terror. Most notably, propaganda and terror are two critical aspects used in an authoritarian government to manipulate public opinion.

First responders as terrorists?

In addition to the health hazards posed to the first responders and the clean-up crews, the government’s fight to cover up their illnesses and avoid paying compensation for the health claims, they are now being considered possible terrorists under a provision in the 9/11 first responders health care bill. The bill was signed into law by Barak Obama in January 2011. Adding to this insanity is the following statement released by  Barack Obama statement upon signing the bill:

“We will never forget the selfless courage demonstrated by the firefighters, police officers, and first responders who risked their lives to save others,” Obama said. “I believe this is a critical step for those who continue to bear the physical scars of those attacks.”

Along with Bloomberg and former president George Bush, Obama himself will be present for the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in lower Manhattan. To allow these political leaches to use this terribly sad anniversary for the sake of “good publicity” is shameful, but an opportunity that the media will nonetheless use as eye candy for the masses.

In the interest of political correctness and the multiculturalism, the hypocrisy displayed by the mayor and other politicians will not be the subject of media reports. The fact that Bloomberg is forcing his city to bend over backwards to accommodate Islam by omitting all religions at the ceremony is a perfect method to keep the channels of our country’s Judeo-Christian heritage closed.  Bloomberg’s stated positions on key issues illustrate a point that I have been making for a long time, which is this:

The globalist agenda has implemented some communist traits to further the demoralization on society through the removal of God and the promotion of immoral beliefs.

In addition to his assault on our religious heritage, Bloomberg is calling for more “big brother” measures in his city to complete his control grid. Bloomberg said “we cannot afford a cop on every street corner. We are going to have to do more with technology.”  Showing his allegiance to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and the Orwellian elite, the mayor called for cameras on every street corner as a security measure.

The recent events in New York are examples of what to expect from our government as tyranny and corruption continue to rapidly spiral out of control. We are seeing our Constitution, along with the religious and moral values that made our country great being shredded. If we do not stop this corruption, it will surely do away with us.

E-Mails prove NYC Mayor’s political influence of Ground Zero Mosque

Image courtesy WABC-TV New York

By Douglas J. Hagmann

24 December 2010: The “fix” was in from the start. The majority of New Yorkers and Americans have known that New York City Imam Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a staunch supporter of the Islamic center and mosque proposed for construction within the shadow of destruction of the 9/11 attacks. Now, thanks to a suit filed against the recalcitrant mayor to disclose correspondence related to his involvement in the proposed construction, Judicial Watch obtained e-mails that illustrates just how much inluence Bloomberg exerted behind the scenes on behalf of the Cordoba Initiative.

A WABC Channel 7 report details the mayoral meddling in this report. Yet another news report published by the New York Daily News disclosed that NY Community Affairs Commisioner Nazli Parvizi actually drafted a letter on behalf of Daisy Khan, the wife of Cordoba Initiative’s head Imam Rauf to send to the community board ahead of their vote on the project.

The e-mails illustrate how the mayor’s office ran active interference against the media, to buy time for the mosque planners so they could regroup and refine their strategy. After confirming the depth and breadth of the mayor’s rabid support to see that the mosque project succeeds, a logical question would be whether it is merely his philanthropic nature  driving his passion for the project.  To find the answers, you don’t have to look much farther than Bloomberg’s increased business dealings in the Middle East Islamic world. Just follow the money.

NBC “People of the Year;” shades of 1939

By Doug Hagmann

29 November 2010: In the event you didn’t tune in to the NBC Thanksgiving special “People of the Year” with Matt Lauer, you missed that distinction being bestowed upon (among others) Sharif El-Gamal, the developer behind the “Ground Zero mosque” in New York City. Appearing very comfortable answering a short series of softball questions from “Lauer the enabler,” El Gamal wants us to believe that his intentions to build an iconic symbol of Islamic conquest are noble.

His camera presence on Thursday was quite different than the side he displayed during an attempted interview just three months ago by Fox 5 in New York.  Faced with legitimate questions concerning the project, its funding and his meteoric rise from table waiter in New York to mega-developer in a few short years, El Gamal became a bit camera shy and dodged the cameras as well as some pointed questions. Not so with NBC’s Lauer, who stuck to posing strictly softball questions to one of their “people of the year.”

While Lauer feigned surprise that El Gamal never considered the proximity of the planned Islamic center to Ground Zero, he emphasized of course, that it is full two blocks from the footprint of the World Trade Center towers. It was as if the six hundred or so feet from Ground Zero distance was akin to constructing the mosque in St. Louis. [Read more...]

Financial jihad at Ground Zero

Comment on this article at Canada Free Press

By Doug Hagmann

24 November 2010: Prepare to be righteously outraged.

As if it isn’t enough that slumlord and terrorist apologist Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and his cadre of associates are rubbing salt in a still-gaping American wound through his plans to erect an iconic symbol of Islamic conquest in the shadows of the former World Trade Center, the Cordoba Initiative (as it was once known) is asking you, the American taxpayer, to subsidize it.

An application for a $5 million in federal grant money was reportedly made on or about November 5, 2010 with the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC) by Sharif El-Gamal, the developer of the Ground Zero mosque and Rauf associate.

The LMDC was formed in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks by former Governor Pataki former Mayor Giuliani to help plan the rebuilding and revitalization of Lower Manhattan. It is a joint State-City corporation governed by a 16-member Board of Directors, half appointed by the Governor of New York and half by the Mayor of New York.

They have yet to be awarded any funding by the LMDC as the confidential review process is still underway. Nonetheless, the mere fact that El-Gamal and his associates applied for grant money is raising some eyebrows. Congressman Peter King (R-NY), the presumptive new chairman  of the House Homeland Security Committee called it “absolutely disgraceful,” and added that “[i]t goes entirely against the spirit of the fund” in an interview with Fox News. “It’s an affront to the memory of all those who were murdered on 9-11. There are so many worthwhile projects in lower Manhattan.  This shows a gross insensitivity to the most fundamental feelings of New Yorkers and to those murdered on 9-11 it is a slap in the face that is a terrible insult.”

The grant application was submitted under the Lower Manhattan Community and Cultural Enhancement Program that is administered by the LMDC. That program was established “to provide up to a total of $17 million in grants through a competitive process to not-for-profit and government organizations engaged in cultural or community programs or projects.” The “Ground Zero mosque project is asking for nearly a third of the available money. Will they get it? Some of it? All of it? It’s indeed possible, according to research and interviews I’ve conducted this week.

A source close to a member of the LMDC General Advisory Council confirmed that an application “was submitted and met all of the criteria for consideration.” Additionally, “the applicants were extremely careful to structure the grant application to include the request for only the portion of the proposed structure that will not be used for religious activities.” This source stated that there is serious consideration being given to awarding at least some of the requested funds, although “there is some additional financial information needed from the applicants that has yet to be received.” [Read more...]

Islamic deception in lower Manhattan

By Doug Hagmann

25 September 2010: At the direction of some of the principal planners of the Islamic cultural center at Ground Zero in lower Manhattan, Muslims from across the five boroughs of New York and New Jersey are quietly being urged to attend Friday prayer services that are being held at the former Burlington retail store on Park Place.  This is being done to deceptively inflate Muslim demographics in lower Manhattan while creating a misleading but convincingly effective visual display of the need for the center.

This tactic is currently being used in Paris, as shown in this CBN video report. An undercover French videographer captured covert video footage of Muslims lining the streets of Paris, blocking and closing off the streets as a display of their power and influence. According to his observations, the Muslims engaged in these activities are not indigenous to the area. He has observed vehicles filled with Muslims coming from different parts of the city to purposely swell the numbers.

During the course of my investigation, I interviewed a long-time business owner located in close proximity to the planned Islamic center on Park Place. He told me that ever since the opposition to the Islamic center became public, the numbers of prayer participants at the intended site has increased dramatically. “A year ago, there was hardly any foot traffic to and from [Park Place].  Within the last few months, I’ve seen cars and other vehicles with out of state license plates parking at various lots and the men walking to Park Place. A lot of the cars have New Jersey license plates.”  In consideration of his business and fearing for his safety, he has requested that his name and address not be published.

As part of my continuing investigation into this matter, I’ve personally verified his claims. I’ve conducted surveillance of Park Place and the adjacent areas on different occasions, observing numerous vehicles bearing license plates from New Jersey and even Pennsylvania parking in nearby lots. I’ve observed the occupants walk to the Park Place location, and following the services inside, walk back to their vehicles and leave the area.

Also according to this source, the mood among the Muslims participating in the Friday services has changed dramatically within the last several weeks. “Last year, I would talk to three, maybe four Muslims, at most, after Friday prayers. They were quite reserved. Now, I see dozens of Muslims in groups and their mood, attitude, behavior and conversation is anything but reserved. It is contentious. They appear to be activists on a mission,” he stated.

Meanwhile, there are those who continue to assert that the proposed “victory mosque” is neither a mosque nor located at “Ground Zero.” They also cite the existence of a simple, chapel like prayer room from Muslims that existed within one of the World Trade Center towers well before the attacks on 9/11 in their argument favoring construction.  They are “technically” correct on both counts, but like the visual display of Muslim demographics in lower Manhattan, their assertions are deceptive and disingenuous at best.

To help illustrate that the planned mosque need not be situated within the footprint of the former World Trade Center to be considered “Ground Zero,” I created the following graphic to offer a reasonable perspective that its location is well within the area of destruction and death caused by Muslim terrorists. Using a declassified military aerial photograph of the area, the planned Muslim construction is shown by an Islamic graphic inserted over 45-51 Park Place. The inset at the lower left shows the debris cloud encompassing the area well beyond the propped construction site as well.

In this general area, 2,752 innocent victims were murdered. To date, authorities recovered 21,812 remains of bodies and body parts from the carnage inflicted, some as close as 348 feet from the proposed Islamic center. Although it is not widely publicized, artifacts are still being found in lower Manhattan.

Semantics and technicalities aside, I’m convinced that anyone present at 45-51 Park Place on the morning of 9/11 would rightfully assert they were at Ground Zero that day.

We must not allow what is seen as an iconic symbol of Muslim conquest in the eyes of our enemies to be built as a result of deception, semantics or technicalities. We must not allow it to built – period.

Islam: The Real Threat to America

by Sean Osborne, Associate Director

19 September 2010: In my most recent Northeast Intelligence Network OpEd, I cited the words of president Barack Hussein Obama at the recent 9/11 commemoration at the Pentagon: “…as Americans we are not, and never will be, at war with Islam.” Coming from a man who was born and raised as a Muslim by both his father and step-father, I suppose one might not see that statement as that of an Islamic Dhimmi, but rather as that from someone who has long been predisposed to defend Islam.

The fact of the matter is that regardless if America ever officially goes to war with Islam, Islam has been at war with America for decades. The most recent case of Islamic aggression within these United States involves the threat of assassination against Molly Norris, the former Seattle Weekly satirical cartoonist who through her blog declared last May 20th as “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.” So severe was this threat of assassination that the FBI intervened to save her life by creating identity from scratch for her and relocating her to a new home. Nothing of the former-Molly Norris now exists on the insistence of the FBI. This drastic move came after the FBI had determined that the American-born Al Qaeda terrorist Anwar al-Aulaqi issued a death sentence fatwa against her from his hideout in faraway Yemen.

After all that has occured with the multitude of Islamic attacks (both Shi’a and Sunni Islam) against this nation and it’s citizens in the past three decades, and Barack Hussein Obama says within the context of his presidential oath of office that America will never go to war in defense of our freedom and liberties against this enemy, this clear and present danger to our way of life?

And don’t let the faux distinction of segregating “moderate” from “extremist” or “radical” Muslims fool you. For if moderate Muslims existed they would be openly challenging and fighting against the radicals and extremists in order to save their “religion of peace.” But they don’t do this, and the reason why is that if they did the millions of imam’s in Islam would declare them apostate Muslims and they’d have to do exactly what the former-Molly Norris has done. Imagine that, a billion and a half Muslims with names and identities different than the ones they were born with. That might cost considerably more than a new new multi-story mosque in the shadow of the hallowed Ground Zero.

Let’s face facts. America is at war with Islam here at home and in Islamic countries half a world away - where Islam was born and first conquered new territories for its mandated global caliphate. Since the reality is that this war exists and is in progress the necessity for a warfighting doctrine is an urgent necessity. I would not be so naive to think that prior to the coming electoral we could do something in the way of crafting a warfighting doctrine, but after November 2010 is another story altogether. Real change will be possible then. To that end I submit the following two .pdf links as being essential for the crafting of that doctrine.

To Our Great Detriment

Shariah: The Threat to America

Addendum: The following article by Dave Gaubatz, published this morning on the FamilySecurityMatters.Org website, is included as expert research in support of my fourth paragraph above regarding “moderate,” “extremist,” and “radical” Muslims. The Fallacy of the “Moderate Muslim”

The document that should stop the Islamic “Victory Mosque”

By Douglas J. Hagmann

23 August 2010: Racists, Xenophobes and bigots. Those are just a few terms used to describe the opponents of the Islamic center planned near Ground Zero. These characterizations could possibly be avoided, however, by more fact-based protest.

To date, defenders of the center seemed undeterred, despite all that is know about the project front man. Look just a bit deeper.

Among the golden nuggets of evidence produced during the trial of the United States vs. The Holy Land Foundation et al is a document that should end any ambiguity concerning the true intent of Feisal ABDUL-RAUF in his quest to construct an Islamic center at Park Place. In fact, it should be cause to reexamine all Islamic centers and mosques that fall within a certain criteria.  Cataloged as “Exhibit 003-0085” by the U.S. federal government, a document translated from Arabic to English titled An Explanatory Memorandum, On the General Strategic Goal for the Group In North America details the objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.

Feisal ABDUL RAUF is indeed an adherent and promoter of the Muslim Brotherhood’s goals and objectives. Any doubt to his Muslim Brotherhood connections can be quelled by the excellent and timely report by Alyssa A. Lappen, which is required reading for factual insight into ABDUL RAUF’s link to the Muslim brotherhood.

Clearly, according to this document, the objective of the Muslim Brotherhood is to convert the U.S. into an Islamic nation through sabotage and subterfuge.  It is a handbook to achieve that end. The author painstakingly describes the process of “settlement,” among others, and further described its meaning and the methods to be employed:

The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan* must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions. [Emphasis added].

The succinct analysis by Ms. Lappen of point 17 of the document clearly illustrates that “[b]uilding Islamic centers equals building military “battalions,” points from which to later stage the planned destruction of the West.”

And what better place inside our front lines is there but within the perimeter of destruction at Ground Zero?

* Ikhwan (Arabic for brothers) was the Islamic religious militia which formed the main military force of the Arabian ruler Ibn Saud.

Park 51: Report

By: Douglas J. Hagmann, Senior Investigator

What do “global warming,” “global governance” and “sustainable development” have to do with the proposed “Ground Zero mosque?” One would think absolutely nothing; however investigation into the money, organizations and people behind the project has uncovered some revealing and disturbing connections.  An extensive analysis of these findings provides the missing insight into the larger agenda, motives and modus operandi associated with what is now known as the Park51project. It also reveals the reasons behind the persistence of the insipid and insulting project and why it remains viable in the face of such visceral opposition.

Those who oppose the construction of an Islamic center in close proximity to Ground Zero are legitimately upset by the hubris of Imam Feisal Abdul-Rauf and his associates, and his lack of class and sensitivity exhibited by their insistence to continue forward despite the plaintive objections of those most affected and victimized by the terrorist attacks. Some in opposition appear perplexed that the individuals behind the project have not relented or even acquiesced to open dialogue about moving the Islamic center due to the volatility created by the project. To date, overtures made by the governor of New York as well as members of the clergy have been quietly rebuffed by the people behind the project. If building bridges and fostering goodwill is, in fact, their objective, it is reasonable to question their reluctance and outright refusal to mitigate any ill will by reconsidering the location of the Islamic center. For the purpose of a comprehensive investigation, it is not only reasonable, it is imperative.

Opposition to the Islamic center to date has been limited to information that is known or has been most easily uncovered about Imam Abdul-Rauf and the Cordoba Initiative. That Abdul-Rauf has suggested that the 9/11 attacks were a result of American foreign policy and his refusal to characterize Hamas as a terrorist organization should themselves be sufficient reasons to cause any person of reasonable sensibilities to oppose the construction, especially at this location. Yet, those behind the project, as well as those in support of the project do not appear to be adversely affected and remain undeterred. Once again, it is an investigative imperative to determine why.

Despite such obviously controversial positions, Abdul-Rauf presses forward with the approval of political leaders from Barack Hussein Obama to Michael Bloomberg. Together with many in the corporate media, project supporters deflect from the core issue into a specious constitutional argument relating to freedom of religion, despite the fact that no one is preventing Islam from being practiced in the United States. The issues are even further diluted and deflected by those who insist that the project is neither a mosque nor will it be located at Ground Zero. While both assertions might be considered technically accurate in the eyes of Western thought and culture, they are nothing more than frivolous defenses at best and intellectual deception at worst.

Those who espouse such defenses either fail to understand or deliberately refuse to address the iconic Islamic symbolism behind the “9/11 Victory Mosque.” That the planned venture is technically outside of the footprint of the former World Trade Center complex is offered as a legitimate defense, which might hold true if one is to be so myopic as to disregard the Muslim world view.  Perhaps that is the reason for the project makeover that began with the changing of the name from the Cordoba House to Park 51. It is not a likely coincidence that once the symbolic nature of Cordoba became more widely known, those behind the project opted to promote a more secular version of the initiative, while concurrently expunging certain elements relating to Islamic Shariah law from their web site.

Despite the plentiful amount of information developed by independent researchers, bloggers, and commentators that has been published about the questionable associations of project front man ABDUL-RAUF over the last few weeks, he continues to travel to the Middle East as an emissary of America at the behest of the Obama/Clinton State Department. Ostensibly, his purpose is to “discuss Muslim life in America and religious tolerance” with Islamic leaders in Muslim countries.  Despite his questionable associations, the U.S. State Department is steadfast in their support of his goodwill tour.

Not only is the U.S. State Department unwavering in their support in spite of such controversy, they are invoking an unprecedented shroud of secrecy over the trip. When questioned about the content and message of Abdul-Rauf’s goodwill tour, U.S. State Department Spokesman Phillip Crowley curiously cited a 62 year-old law, erroneously claiming that the law shields Rauf’s message from the American public – at least by way of government web sites - as cited in this article published Tuesday by the editor of Family Security Matters.

It is clearly evident that there is something very disturbing taking place behind the scenes that is permitting this “duck or bleed” approach being employed by politicians and lawmakers. It is only when we investigate deeper into the people and groups behind this assault on American sensibilities and “follow the money” do we find the nefarious nexus of “Cap and Trade globalists,” Progressives” and Islamic leaders who are pushing for a “one world” religion.

The latter group, including foreign entities and governments, is working to replace our Judeo-Christian heritage with Islam as the dominant religion of America and Shariah in place of the U.S. Constitution. It is being conducted under the pretext of interfaith dialogue and unity, an objective for which Feisal ABDUL RAUF and his closest associates have been groomed.

While ABDUL RAUF and his associates are working to install Shariah in the U.S., the former group is engaged in the systematic effort to destroy the current religious and moral structures as a means to facilitate their objectives of control and domination. The Progressives and globalists are exploiting this transformation for their own agenda, which is the implementation of global governance. That is exactly what can be found when the layers of deception and distraction are carefully and methodically pulled back and the prospective money sources are identified.

IMPORTANT: Download the complete report in PDF Format (Complete with flowcharts) for complete report.


We are fighting a multi-pronged enemy in the West and specifically, in the U.S. It is not just Islam, although Islam is the effective conduit.

Evidence suggests that it is the ultimate goal of ABDUL RAUF and his associates to install Sharia law in the United States, not to co-exist with Civil or Common law, but to replace it. To generate financial support for this and future endeavors, he must first show the Islamic nations that he can succeed in the installation of an iconic symbol of Islamic victory at Ground Zero. That he can succeed where others (such as Saudi prince Al Waleed bin Talal) failed at Ground Zero.  That, of course, explains the “duck or bleed” approach by ABDUL RAUF and secular, non-Islamic supporters. To do so, however, he must first convince his most obvious potential detractors – the Christians and the Jews – that his objective is to build bridges and work closely with other religions. Hence, Americans see support from a broad array of Christian and Jewish leaders that have fallen for the trance-invoking mantra of “interfaith dialogue.” It is merely a ruse, albeit an effective one.

The Progressives, including those who want to initiate a more secular government, see organized religions (especially Christianity and Judaism) as impediments to their goals. They see the opportunity to water down the religions through the fallacious tenets of “interfaith dialogue.”  Accordingly, they are prepared to fund such objectives through NGOs and other organizations under the umbrella of the United Nations.

Interfaith dialogue is toxic to America and American core religious values and Judeo-Christian principles. It is a Trojan Horse that will facilitate the Progressives in power – and those behind the power – in the United States, to become subjugated to global governance. That, of course, explains the presence and financial support of environmental groups teaming up with such unlikely partners.

We cannot afford to be myopic at this point. We must identify and fight against all of the enemies of America.Failing to recognize the larger picture makes the fight less effectual.

Follow the footprints of International money.

Listen or download the three-hour show that walks the listener through the “money behind the mosque:”

Click on the above graphic - scroll to August 20, 2010 and download the three hour segments.

NYC “Mosque” critic allegedly threatened

20 August 2010: Criticizing an ambitious Muslim project is risky business, especially if you are Muslim.

As reported in the Niagara Falls Review this week, Raheel RAZA, a founding member of the Muslim Canadian Congress, spoke out against the proposed construction of the Islamic center planned near Ground Zero at a meeting hosted last week by Daisy KHAN, the wife of Feisal ABDUL-RAUF. She also questioned the sources of funding for the project, which she claimed were not answered at the meeting. Instead, her questions were met with arrogance.

Back in Toronto on Monday, Ms. RAZA alleges that she received a telephone call to her cellular telephone from a man who identified himself as Sharif El GAMAL, CEO of SOHO Properties, the developer of the proposed Islamic center. His tone was intimidating, as was his message.  Read the complete story here.

Douglas J. Hagmann, veteran licensed investigator in the private sector and founder of the Northeast Intelligence Network, has conducted an investigation into the individuals, entities and possible funding sources for the project. The findings of this investigation will be disclosed on the nationally syndicated Roth Show tonight from 6-9 p.m. ET. A written report will be featured by the Roth Show and Canada Free Press concurrent with the broadcast.

Investigative Report: Exposing the Cordoba Islamic Center of Manhattan

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director


For the last several months, I have been covertly investigating the people, power and money behind the proposed “9/11 mega mosque” planned for the old Burlington Coat Factory situated just two blocks from “Ground Zero” in lower Manhattan. In order to provide the most comprehensive and fact-based insight into this issue as possible, I deliberately postponed publishing any reports until my investigation, consisting of direct and indirect inquiries, procurement of records, and the use of operational assets to develop information was complete.

While any person of reasonable sensibilities and a working moral compass could legitimately find the construction of an Islamic center in such close proximity to the graveyard of thousands of innocent Americans of 9/11 objectionable, there are many proponents who argue that its construction will serve as an example of American understanding, tolerance, compassion and respect for a religion that has been maligned by the actions of a minority. The legitimacy of the argument on behalf of its placement should become moot by simply citing two basic but important concepts: historical precedent and the understanding that Islam is more than a religion. If those points fail to convince an ostensibly objective audience as they have to-date, then the results of my investigation should cause anyone with the least bit of intellectual honesty to strongly object to any Islamic structure being built at the intended location.

With regard to historical precedent, the Dome of the Rock could serve as “Exhibit A” and the conversion of the former Byzantine basilica Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, Turkey as “Exhibit B” in the symbolism of Islamic conquest. In both instances, the mosques are perceived in the world of Islam as iconic symbols of victory over a beaten, subservient populace. Their importance in Islamic history and current significance relative to the stated objectives of Islam to dominate rather than coexist cannot be overstated, but is unfortunately overlooked or characterized as irrational hyperbole. Such oversight has always had longstanding adverse consequences to nations and their people who have failed to learn from history.

Based on a plethora of historical examples that include the foregoing, it should be clear that the building of a mosque or a mosque within an Islamic center so near the epicenter of the 9/11 attacks will be perceived as a symbol of Islamic conquest in the Muslim world, despite the perpetual denials by so-called moderate Muslims and regardless of modern sensibilities of “well reasoned” Western thought.  Much like the Christians in the Ottoman Empire at the time of the conversion of the basilica to a mosque, the building of this mosque will most assuredly be perceived and promoted as a very special humiliation of the West.  And as in the cases cited, this will only become clear after it is too late.

Furthermore, one must understand that Islam is not merely a religion, but a combination of theological, political, and cultural imperatives that includes the ultimate objective of imposing Islam and Sharia law worldwide, subjugating all else to Islam. It is critical to understand that a mosque built so near the epicenter of the carnage at the World Trade Center site does not hold the same significance to Americans – under our Western ideology and reason – that it does to adherents of Islam and the Islamic world. Without this full understanding of Islamic doctrine and the significance of Islamic conquests throughout history, proponents of the construction are historically, socially and politically ill informed, or deleteriously misguided.  Opponents to the construction of a mosque are often mischaracterized as irrational Islamophobes and xenophobes, even by respected Westerners.

Although the issues identified above should alone be sufficient to cause concern if not alarm, the facts behind the planned “9/11 mega-mosque” only get worse for America and the West. The structure that is being planned for New York is more than the product of Islamic ambition. It will be the conduit for an interfaith center that is intended to unite people under one religious umbrella, using the visible and highly compatible Islamic component as a means to an end.

It would be easy to dismiss the foregoing premise as being too far-fetched until one examines all of the evidence, not just that which is readily accessible. Nonetheless, even the most accessible and obvious information is bad. When the layers of deception are pulled back through bona fide investigation of the individuals and groups involved in this project, the information goes from bad to worse and from rationally objectionable to the unthinkable.

The Proposed Location & Project

On September 11, 2001, two passenger planes hijacked by Islamic terrorists struck the twin towers of the World Trade Center. The landing gear of one of the aircraft was propelled through the roof of the four-story building located at 45 Park Place, which at the time was home to the Burlington Coat Factory retail store. Built in 1857, the building is situated about six hundred feet from the epicenter of Ground Zero. Following the attacks of 9/11, the building has been unoccupied.

According to real estate transaction records, the property for the planned Islamic center was purchased by SME Acquisitions Corporation, c/o SOHO Properties LLC, 552 Broadway, Suite 6N, New York, NY for $4.85 million in cash in July, 2009. The CEO of SOHO Properties, which was established in 2003, is Sharif EL-GAMAL. According to published reports, the proposed construction would involve razing the existing 153 year-old structure and build a 13-story Islamic center named the Cordoba House. Initial plans call for the center to house a 500-seat auditorium, a swimming pool and a mosque that would overlook Ground Zero. Plans for the Cordoba House were made public by Feisal Abdul-Rauf, the imam of a mosque currently located about 12 blocks from the proposed location, and a reported investor in SOHO Properties with respect to this transaction. According to published reports, the ambitious project is estimated to cost between $100-$150 million dollars.

Based on a review of financial statements and reports, the non-profit Cordoba Initiative has less than $20,000 in assets. Nonetheless, the new Islamic center is expected to be completed and unveiled on September 11, 2011.

Resource: Articles of Incorporation: The Cordoba Initiative (PDF file)

The Parties Involved

Although the actual move was made to build the Islamic center near the Ground Zero site last year, the project has been in the works since the attacks of 9/11 by individuals and organizations who laid the groundwork long before the new millennium. The timing of this project is not accidental or coincidental. The parties involved in the project are keenly aware of the social and political climate in the U.S., and launched their project in the fertile environment created by an administration that is openly conciliatory toward Muslims and willing to subjugate the U.S. to a globalist agenda.

The following will provide clear documentation that the parties involved are not only Muslims, but disciples of Saul Alinsky, Margaret Sanger, George Soros and other proponents of global governance and the unification of religion under a global umbrella. This explains how and why many prominent socialists and progressives, Christians and Jews, Republicans and Democrats are proponents of this project.

The Cordoba Initiative/Cordoba House

It is important to understand the importance of the name Cordoba, as in the Cordoba Initiative and Cordoba House, which is the name associated with this New York project. Cordoba is a direct reference to the city in Spain that was the center of Islamic culture, Islamic proselytizing and Muslim education during the Middle Ages. It was recognized as the seat of an Islamic caliphate under which all non-Muslims, especially Jews and Christians, were subjugated to Islam.

Under the “new age philosophy” of Abdul-Rauf and his associates, however, the Cordoba initiative is an attempt to create the illusion in the West that Islam, Judaism and Christianity share the same spiritual origins. An attempt is being made to convince an unwitting public that Islam, Christianity and Judaism are not only compatible, but all three religions worship the same God. While further explanation of this concept is outside the scope of this investigation, it must be identified and exposed within this report as the most critical element of deception that will facilitate the advancement of this project. Simply put, it will be under this false umbrella of unity that the “deal” will be sealed.

Imam Feisal Abdul-Rauf

The point man for the Islamic center near Ground Zero is Feisal Abdul-Rauf. He is the Imam of Masjid al-Farah, an existing mosque located at 245 West Broadway, New York, NY. He is also the founder of the American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA), and the director and board chair of the Cordoba Initiative, a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Colorado in 2004. According to the articles of incorporation filed with the Colorado Department of State on 26 May 2004, Feisal Abdul-Rauf used an address of P.O. Box 7376, North Bergen, New Jersey 07047 at the time of incorporation. Three-(3) other directors of the Cordoba Initiative are listed as Daisy KAHN (wife of Feisal Abdul-Rauf), former mayor of Aspen, Colorado John S BENNETT, and Julia JITKOFF. An exemplary expose on Abdul-Rauf was published on 14 May 2010 by Alyssa A. Lappen in an article titled The Ground Zero Mosque Developer: Muslim Brotherhood Roots, Radical Dreams, which is required reading for the background on Rauf, his associations and more importantly, his contradictions.

It should be noted that Feisal Abdul-Rauf is the public coordinator for the proposed Islamic center, so named as it will be the dominant factor and force within the structure. Investigation tracked numerous other individuals and organizations that are either overtly or covertly, directly or tangentially involved in the project. It is within this subset of globalist facilitators that this project will secure the financing, influence government officials at national, state and local levels, and use the corporate media to sway public opinion.

The American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA)

As already noted, Abdul-Rauf founded the American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA) in 1997, which has been run by his wife, Daisy KAHN since 2005. According to a review of financial statements, ASMA is the fiscal agent for the Cordoba Initiative. The Cordoba Initiative and the American Society for Muslim Advancement share the same infrastructure, space, and other operational assets, making them virtually one in the same, except on paper.

A review of the same financial statements provided interesting insight into the funding of ASMA, International donations included $576,312 from the government of Qatar and $481,942 from the Millennial Development Goals Fund of Holland. Of particular significance noted was a $53,664 contribution from the U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA)

The World Economic Forum

As explained on their web site, the World Economic Forum is an independent, international organization incorporated as a Swiss not-for-profit foundation. Their goal is the establishment of a world-class corporate governance system where values are as important a basis as rules. Their motto is “entrepreneurship in the global public interest,” but contends that “economic progress without social development is not sustainable, while social development without economic progress is not feasible.”

Their stated vision, in part, is to build and energize leading global communities, be the creative force shaping global, regional and industry strategies, and be the catalyst of choice for its communities when undertaking global initiatives to improve the state of the world.

It becomes clear that the Cordoba Initiative is integrated within a larger global initiative, including the World Economic Forum. Within the World Economic Forum are other overlapping groups and organizations, including those dedicated to advance the agenda of global warming and climate change, usher in a single world currency, and unite the world under a single religion.

Members of the World Economic Forum include the C-100 group (world leaders, including key Muslim leaders) that is headed by the Saudis, and groups including the Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow (MLT). Their agenda is to advance Islam under the guise of interfaith dialogue and interaction. Their ultimate agenda, on a larger scale, is the unification of all religions under one global body.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Founder, Cordoba Initiative; Daisy Kahn, Executive Director, American Society for Muslim Advancement; Sayyed Mirza, Project Manager, Reframing Perceptions of Islam and Muslims, East West Center; and Omar Amanat, Entrepreneur, Technologist, and Philanthropist at New York Foreign Press Center roundtable on the "Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow Forum."

Anyone familiar with the globalist agenda recognizes this as a critical aspect of breaking down our national sovereignty and ultimately expanding the radical social and political goals of the United Nations. It is the implementation of social justice through religious unification, a method to compel Americans to peacefully ultimately accept the UN’s radical agenda through subterfuge. There is no better symbolic location and has been no better time than under this administration for the advancement of such global objectives. And there are no better “emissaries” of the globalist agenda than Imam Feisal Abdul-Rauf and his wife, Daisy KAHN as illustrated here:

The U.S. Department of State under the Obama administration

Support behind Rauf, Kahn, and the Cordoba Initiative not only comes from Muslim counties, but from our own administration. In fact, Abdul-Rauf was sent on an international mission by the U.S. State Department to “build bridges” between the West and the Muslim World.

As quoted in, Rauf stated:

“We have developed under this initiative a number of projects which we believe are effective in creating this discourse about these particular arenas,” citing projects in political, religious and cultural arenas.

Deceit & Dawa

As developed by journalist Andrew McCarthy (National Review Online, 24 July 2010 – link), the book written by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, What’s Right with Islam, was originally published in Malaysia under a much different title: A Call to Prayer from the World Trade Center Rubble: Islamic Dawa in the Heart of America Post-9/11.

What’s Right with Islam was published as a “special, non-commercial edition” of the book and by the Islamic Society of North America and the International Institute of Islamic Thought. Both organizations are arms of the Muslim Brotherhood.

This tactic is neither new nor exclusive to Rauf, and is common among various Islamic publications. To understand the significance of this book, one must understand the meaning of Dawa in Islam.  Dawa is the spread of Islamic concepts, and not merely the religious concepts. In fact, Dawa is a step in establishing Sharia, the legal aspects of Islam.

Read Mr. McCarthy’s excellent report here.

“We have developed under this initiative a number of projects which we believe are effective in creating this discourse about these particular arenas,” he said, citing projects in political, religious and cultural arenas.