Our History


By Douglas J. Hagmann

UPDATED 31 December 2013: The Northeast Intelligence Network was formed in response to the attacks of September 11, 2001. In late 2001, Douglas J. Hagmann, a multi-state licensed private investigator with over fifteen years of investigative experience at that time, organized a group of twelve veteran, licensed professional investigators who were at the top of their respective fields.  Individually, we felt it was our patriotic duty to provide whatever assistance we could to the various U.S. intelligence agencies, including but not limited to the FBI, the CIA, and the U.S. Department of Justice to identify and potentially stop or mitigate future terrorist attacks.

Nearly everyone within our group lost a friend or colleague on September 11, 2001. Each of us felt an obligation to those who were murdered, as well as to our families, friends and fellow citizens to use our skills to mitigate future attacks. As we each possessed our own skill sets, equipment, contacts, and drive, we believed it was the right thing to do.

What’s in a name?

Our website name (Northeast Intelligence Network) was selected as the majority of our investigative assets were located in the northeast portion of the United States. Additionally, each of our investigators brought with them at least one intelligence contact, thus forming a “network.” Hence, the origin of our name.

The URL (HomelandSecurityUS.com) was chosen with good intent but admittedly, without any thoughtful consideration to history. We wanted an Internet address that would indicate that we were assisting the “good guys” through our actions, although clear enough that it would be readily distinguishable as a private organization and not affiliated with any government agency. Hence the “US” after HomelandSecurity and the “.com” domain. As we became a significant presence on the Internet, for better or worse, we decided to keep the domain name.

Our methods of operation

Our efforts began by infiltrating, monitoring and collecting information posted on password protected Arabic language web sites known to be frequented by Muslim terrorists, including individuals located inside the United States and Canada. One of our investigators was fluent in Arabic, while another was fairly proficient in Farsi. Most within our group were extremely adept at exploiting the “back doors” of various sites and successfully infiltrated these very active forums and websites. Once we were inside, we were extremely careful not to disrupt the numerous postings or dialogues.

Unlike other individuals and loose knit groups engaged in similar efforts, we deliberately remained an invisible presence for the collection of information and the identification of posters only. We recognized the value of being able to monitor, in real time, individuals posting documents, plans, bomb-making schematics, and even their methods of operation for others to read, download, and act upon. Accordingly and again, unlike some individuals and groups, we never engaged in “taking down” the sites. Instead, we secured, traced and authenticated the information, and immediately turned it over to the appropriate federal agency.

Within two years, we had successfully infiltrated numerous active Internet forums and identified well over 200 individuals who were identified as the primary coordinators of and contributors to the various sites frequented by the Muslim terrorists. Our organization was the first to provide the FBI with many of the al Qaeda handbooks and instruction manuals, including the well known al Battar series, well before they were able to access those documents themselves. Our investigators also obtained copies of bomb-making plans and photographs of various public venues, from shopping malls to sports stadiums. We were able to trace the origin of each upload and identify the persons uploading the documents.

Being accepted as a legitimate source

Once we proved our abilities to the FBI by delivering packets of actionable intelligence to the FBI headquarters in Washington, DC, we were collectively recognized as informational assets. Our organization was assigned to two specific departments within the FBI; one department was dedicated to handle threats within the U.S., while another was for threats outside of the U.S. The submission of our findings was robust, although all of our investigative reports underwent a careful review process before submission to assure legitimacy and accuracy.

Concurrent with our efforts behind the scenes, we used HomelandSecurityUS.com as a public  portal to inform visitors of the various threats being discussed and published by known Islamic terrorists behind password protected websites and forums. We published many of our findings from approximately 2002 through 2007.

Also during this period, our group became more proficient. Some of us conducted actual physical, covert surveillance of Muslim terrorist organizations and individuals known to be associated with terrorist groups living and working within our own borders. One such group is Jamaat al Fuqra, operating as the Muslims of America (MoA), led by the Pakistani terrorist chief Sheik Mubarek Ali Shah Gilani. They were found to be actively teaching jihad ideology and paramilitary training inside the U.S.

Enter the U.S. Department of Homeland Security & real-life “Burn Notice”

As the Department of Homeland Security began to oversee and later take over the investigation of terrorist activity in the U.S., we began to notice that very little, if anything, was being done with the evidence we submitted. We began to second guess the quality of the data we were providing, although were told by nearly all of our contacts that our findings were not only actionable, but authenticated through their own investigations.

In 2007, our “invisible presence” inside two Arabic language forums was compromised, and we were “exposed” and consequently locked out of those valuable locations. Although we cannot state with absolute certainty that we were burned by the very agency we were attempting to assist, (in this instance, the Department of Homeland Security), we were unable to identify any other possibilities.

Meanwhile, the surveillance reports we submitted, complete with photographic documentation of what appeared to be paramilitary training of young men, were lost or otherwise disappeared. Worse, our efforts in the field were also exposed and compromised.

Something’s wrong!

In early 2008, we realized that something was terribly wrong. One of our top investigators resigned, stating that he “could not tell the good guys from the bad guys anymore.” Soon, each of us came to the same or similar conclusions. What was taking place was not due to mere incompetence,  but by the very deliberate actions from within our own government!

We also began “knocking heads” with other so-called good-guys and government investigators inside these Internet forums. Although we maintained our low key presence, we kept uncovering fictitious identities within these forums that were ultimately traced back to government owned ISPs resolving to various branches of the Department of Homeland Security. These fake Muslim terrorists were not very good at covering their tracks, and they soon polluted the forums and sites that once contained rich and actionable intelligence. Not only were they exposing themselves to the real terrorists (and yes, there are many), they were causing the forums to move to different servers, change their acceptance requirements, and strengthen their security. While their actions could be ascribed to incompetence, it appeared to go well beyond that. We provided a list of these “fake terrorists” to the DHS and the FBI, explaining that they were not fooling anyone. After we submitted the list of names and ISP log-in information to the heads of the various agencies, we were unceremoniously dismissed.

Based on our findings that something was horribly wrong and no one was interested in a solution, and being “burned” ourselves because of it, we began to investigate activities taking place within our own government. Soon, it became clear that things were not what they seemed. There are conspiracies, and everything is not as we’ve been told.

We began to look at events surround the 9/11 attacks, as well as the Oklahoma City bombing. Everywhere we turned, or so it seemed, we were being lied to, misled, or misdirected. Soon, the rest of us felt much like the former volunteer investigator who said he could not tell the good guys from the bad anymore.

As we continued to press forward on a different path, it soon became evident that our government had been taken over from within - or at least a good portion of it. Not necessarily by Muslims terrorist sympathizers, although they are a component, a tool, and a means to an end, but not the end. The lie is bigger. The agenda is bigger, and the stakes are higher than you’ve been told. The real culprits have bigger and deeper designs on the U.S. and the world at large. We quickly realized that there was no real difference between political parties anymore. That is merely a sideshow for public consumption. It is nothing less than a distraction from the truth.

As the layers of this onion were being pulled back, many of our core investigators decided that they had seen enough. Others continue to assist us in the background, choosing to remain nameless yet continue to offer investigative findings on all levels.

The birth of a radio show

We decided to take our findings public. The good, the bad, and the ugly. As we were (and are) still uncovering plots, plans and schemes within and outside of the government, we felt it best to create a nightly radio broadcast to provide our findings to whoever would listen. As we approached this decision, my son began to show exceptional ability at researching complex events. He also noticed that there appeared to be parallels between his findings and biblical events. Having a significant background in field investigations himself, he was tapped by be the younger Hagmann of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, a father-son investigative team that broadcasts Monday-Friday from 8:00-11:00 p.m. ET.

We’re investigators by profession, not broadcast professionals. Through the kind assistance of many people, however, we were able to purchase the equipment necessary to operate a fully functional radio broadcast studio, and soon added a studio onto our office. As of the end of 2013, our programs have been downloaded over 64 million times in 70 countries!

If you’re comfortable living in blissful ignorance, feel that everything you’ve heard on the news, read in the newspapers, and have told by political pundits is the truth, then we ask that you kindly tune us out. If you’ve ever felt that something was not quite right with the official “narratives” you’ve been told, than tune us in. Our approach is quite simple. We search for the truth and provide our findings to you in a calm, sensible and reasonable manner. You are then left with sufficient information to investigate our findings yourself, and make up your own mind.

We do not exist to spread fear. Rather, we exist to provide knowledge, as knowledge mitigates fear. We exist so you may be proactive in the face of the dangers in our path. We also believe that there are no political solutions to the problems we face. We are in a state of moral and spiritual bankruptcy. Accordingly, it is our privilege to offer special programs that will assist our Christian listeners to walk stronger in your faith. The battle is more than an earthly one, and the stakes are much greater than most realize.

Pursuing the truth to preserve our nation

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