Wednesday on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report: Exposing the Obama forgery

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COLB1By The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

“The government that has developed since F.D.R. and his New Deal is Government by the bureaucracy and for the bureaucracy. We the little people have become nothing more than serfs to the State.” —Douglas Vogt

Wednesday, 4 December 2013:  Americans have been victimized by one of the worst and most insidious crimes in American history - a forgery that involves Barack Hussein Obama, a/k/a Barry Soetoro. It is a conspiracy of Marxists and Islamists that has put one of their own in as President of the United States to destroy the country from within and convert our Constitutional Republic into a socialist police state.

Join us tonight as we welcome author and researcher Douglas Vogt for the entire program. Following two years of extensive research in conjunction with Paul Irey, Mr. Vogt filed two affidavits with the U.S. District Court, Western District of  Washington in Seattle on October 18, 2020 that details evidence of forgery involving the Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) as well as the short form provided to the public at the behest of Obama.

Mr. Vogt will discuss the 20 points of forgery that is sufficiently compelling to convince a Federal Judge to submit the matter to a Federal Grand Jury to investigate and subpoena the evidence in Hawaii and Federal records. The novel manner in which Mr. Vogt has filed the affidavits is itself brilliant, as well as the “20 points of forgery” outlined in the affidavits. This is a “must listen to,” critically important broadcast!


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