Deception, Seduction & Departure from the Power of the Resurrection in Today’s Christendom

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nyclightenings80Special Sunday Edition of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report
January 26, 2021 8:00-11:00 PM ET

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves – Matthew 7:15

You won’t hear it, see it or read it in the mainstream news, but the persecution of true believers in Jesus is greater today than in any other time in modern history. Christians across the world are the targets of discrimination, marginalization, and even murder in wholesale numbers. In America, our Christian faith was once considered inviolable and our Judeo-Christian heritage was viewed as the cornerstone of our spirituality and culture. Today, Christians in America are being forced into subjugation by the laws of a corrupt government. Despite this full frontal assault on true Christians, the pulpits are virtually silent.  

Beyond the silence from the Church, something even more insidious is taking place. Something that’s not being addressed, save for the few who are standing up to fulfill their roles as true watchmen and ministers of the Word of our fathers—by our Father. The Word as ministered, spoken and recorded from the apostles and prophets is being perverted by the purveyors of “Pulp Prophecy.” The body of God’s church is not only under attack, but many are being led astray from within the church through false or perverted doctrines from the panderers of the pulpits.

Deception, ever so subtle in word and deed, is being preached and taught by those who are leading their flocks to a certain, predetermined end. Look closely, for you will see not just the imprimatur, but the fingerprints of the devil himself on a doctrine that is totally alien to true Christendom. It’s a doctrine which is being embraced in wholesale numbers by many who are seeking salvation without spiritual discernment.

It is much easier for many to believe in false doctrines over true salvation when pastors, priests, and ministers embrace and preach the ideals that demand conformance to a socialist utopia that is slickly marketed by global despots to the “franchise-ministers of the mega-ministries.”  The doctrines that will lead many astray, and those behind the pulpits pushing these doctrines, purposely omit any reference to the power of the resurrection and overcoming matters of the world, as such doctrine is socially, personally and politically inconvenient.

Much like the multi-level geopolitical chess game being played on the world stage, so too is the multi-level infiltration of false teachers leading Christians astray through their false doctrines. We need to get back to the fundamental truths—the faith once delivered to us by the apostles and prophets and unsullied by Satan. The stakes could not be greater, for it our eternal salvation at risk.

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