Doug Hagmann joins host Vince Finelli today on GCN - new information about Benghazi


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Friday, June 20, 2020: Tune in today to USAPreparesRadio on The Genesis Communications Network  as Douglas Hagmann joins popular radio host Vincent Finelli to break new information about Benghazi and other related matters. The information that Doug Hagmann will be providing has yet to be heard - even among his own listeners - as this was just developed during the early morning hours  today.

What is the story behind the story of Ahmed Abu Khattala, from his role in the attack at the CIA compound in Benghazi to his capture. Why was he captured now, almost a year after he was charged for his alleged role in the attack? Why not when he was having tea or strawberry Frappes with reporters and journalists?

Be sure to tune in to this important segment - during the second hour of Mr. Finelli’s program (11:00-noon ET Friday).

Link: USA Prepares

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