The Technological Surrender of the U.S. to Communist China & the Destruction of the U.S. Military from Within

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Steve Quayle & “V, The Guerrilla Economist” tonight on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report


18 August 2014: Betrayal, sedition, greed and the globalist agenda over the last few decades has placed the United States in a position of being fully collateralized - sold out, that is, to Chinese (and Russian) interests.

Remember the Bundy Ranch stand-off? Do you feel like it’s ancient history and not an issue any longer? Think again. Don’t think for a minute that it has been resolved, for it has not - nor will it be until traitors within our government get their way. Behind the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) show of force, ostensibly and laughably over tortoises and unpaid grazing fees, is a conspiracy of extreme proportion. As Joseph Farrah pointed out in his April 13, 2020 article titled Harry Reid’s Last Round-Up, and as Dave Hodges expanded upon in his article the following day titled The Communist China Takeover of all U.S. Energy, elected leaders in the United States have sold us out - to the Chinese.

If that’s too much for you to accept, perhaps the sale of J.P. Morgan’s Manhattan headquarters for the fire sale price of $725 million… to the Chinese, will convince you.

We can go back multiple administrations to see the overt sedition by our leaders, subjugated to a globalist agenda, selling middle class America, and all of America, out to Sino-Russian interests.

Join Steve Quayle and V, The Guerrilla Economist as they explain just how deeply we’ve been betrayed. Join us for a status report as we discuss exactly how the pourous southern U.S. border figures in to the Globalist agenda - and how it will affect all of us iin the days ahead.