Confessions and Revelations of a Black Ops Insider

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Most Americans and denizens of the West live in a world that is relatively uneventful, at least for the most part. We are raised to believe certain things about how the world around us works. From adolescence to adulthood, our beliefs are molded by our parents, family, teachers and “real world” experience.

Whether deliberately or unwittingly, we have been groomed – and some might even say programmed - to live in a world where reality is very neat and orderly. Most of us tend to reject anything outside of what we’ve been taught. Anything outside of this orderly realm is termed conspiracy fodder, and those who dare venture into the disorder searching for truth are pejoratively assailed as conspiracy theorists.

Such labels are used effectively by the guardians of establishment history to back down the inquisitive ones who merely seek the truth of a matter. As one begins to make advancements to the truth, the objections become louder and the pushback more aggressive, usually until the inquisitor succumbs to public ridicule and is ultimately ostracized. Or perhaps worse.

Others, however, continue to seek the truth despite the public ridicule and the dangers associated with searching for truth.

And then there are those who have been part of a world that the average person does not know and might never know exist– unless they are told by those who have been on this very inside and very exclusive tract of history.

Gene “Chip” Tatum is one of those insiders. He is a “black ops” insider who knows the truth about how we got to where we are at in history, for he played a role. And the reality is much different than we know or have been taught.

Join Chip Tatum and Steve Quayle tonight on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report for a dose of real history and a rare, inside look at events that have shaped, and continue to shape the world in which we live. It is much different than you’ve been led to believe.

Steve Quayle, who has just released his new book Empire Beneath the Ice, and Gene “Chip” Tatum will discuss history and historical events related to his new book and walk us through a post-World War II history that few know exists, and even fewer understand. Steve Quayle will take us through the post-war era and explain how the Nazi’s won, and how that “victory” has impacted our current state of geopolitics. Mr. Tatum will walk us through America’s more recent secret history, most of which has been revised and sanitized for public consumption.