Breaking Free from Guilt & Shame

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A war exists between good and evil, and every one of us is part of it whether we want to believe it or not. Satan and his minions have many tools today that did not exist just a few decades ago. Tools of technology, such as the internet and iPhones have been turned into technological snares that have entrapped many of us through perceived anonymity and actual convenience.

New words have been created to describe evils that were unheard of just a half-generation ago. “Sexting,” for example, is a relatively new term that relates to sending sexually graphic texts or images to others via a cell phone. This is particularly popular among teenagers, and has even found its way into some elementary schools. While you might not be familiar with it, just ask your teenager, as they are likely to know someone who has been involved in this behavior.

Today, pornography is a multi-billion dollar business that spreads a wide net of ensnarement. Through its subtlety, it often leads to a quiet addition that knows no age limitations. It does not discriminate by profession, age or even gender. Today, through a few clicks on a keyboard, one’s journey into the underworld of depravation can begin with relative ease. Often, however, it ends like a bad cocaine habit, leaving guilt, shame, and the destruction of relationships and marriages.

Pornography is not a destination, but part of a journey of lies created by Satan himself. He has taken human sexuality, one of the most beautiful gifts from God that is intertwined with His plan for us to marry, be fruitful and multiply, and twisted it into one of his most powerful weapons against us. Satan, the accuser of the brethren, has taken God’s gift and used it as a tool to destroy His people.

We see this today as even the most well-respected among us seem to become ensnared in scandal after scandal, most associated with the perversion of the God-given gifts of love and intimacy.

In some instances, what was once shameful has become more readily acceptable as our society becomes more perverse and accepting of the unintended and unnatural. Once considered scandalous, sex outside of marriage is now accepted as the norm. But it does not stop there.

Like a subtle nudging that has gone unnoticed through the generations, the boundaries of sin and human decency have been stretched to limits unknown since the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah. We have been brainwashed by Satan’s lies into accepting and even celebrating the most egregious of human behavior, and ridiculed if we refuse.

For some, this change of attitude serves to legitimize behavior that is abhorrent to God. This is the objective of Satan and his accomplices, as he has perverted one of God’s greatest gifts to man and it against us – into a tool of personal destruction that also destroys marriages and families.

Pornography and all of its collateral behaviors is a weapon of the devil formed against us, designed for not just our own personal destruction, but to destroy humanity as a whole. And it’s making great inroads as such egregious behaviors such as homosexuality, transgenderism, and even worse sins of the flesh have gone from sins against God to celebrations of human diversity.

One of the greatest attacks by the devil is against the church and God’s children. The biggest and most important targets of this satanic attack against God are the churches and the men of God. To compromise a minister, preacher or pastor through pornography and all of its related activities is to compromise a congregation. This is the reason we see so many apparent men of God ensnared by the net of pornography, for it opens the door to all the perversions of God’s gifts to us.

To survive, we must learn how to break free from these clutches.

As Dr. Paul Hegstrom wrote, “When we learn why we do the things we do, we are able to focus on healing our wounds and changing our own behaviors. We will then begin to grow, mature, develop true character, and develop healthy relationships.”

Join Dr. Paul Hegstrom, director of Life Skills International, and Steve Quayle as we discuss this attack on humanity and the ever growing attack against the church. Dr. Hegstrom will give listeners the information and tools needed to break the cycle of these demonic attacks against us as God’s creation.


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