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It’s difficult to make sense of today’s economy, unless you understand a few basic facts. Or at least one basic fact: we are all being gamed, and the globalist bankers (or “banksters,” if you prefer) are in complete control of not just the economy, but the news about the economy. They own the political leaders of the world, and they control the corporate media.

This is the reason that nothing about the economy appears to make sense to the average person, for we are not supposed to realize that we are the victims of the greatest Ponzi scheme the world has ever seen. The end-game objective, edging ever closer with each passing hour, is the complete confiscation of your wealth. Not just your wealth, but the wealth of your children, but all future generations to come.

It’s more than money

The agenda is not just about capturing your wealth, however, but your very existence. It’s a war for your mind. It’s a war for your birthright, your very soul. Few, however, understand the stakes, as that is their intent.

Once you understand the magnitude of what’s at stake, only then will you understand the “tells” of the globalist players in this Casino Royale, where the house always holds the advantage and the rules are constantly changing.

Those who rely solely on the multitude of financial websites, blogs, and other sources of information are often left confused by the seemingly endless conflicting information about the state of our economy. This is often by design, for the globalist powers behind the smokescreen of economic indicators deny you the proper context and understanding of the bigger picture.

They are quick to marginalize and vilify the relative few who offer the larger picture of interlocking events, such as proxy wars, currency wars, commodity and currency manipulation, with their plans for our total subjugation into a global system of totalitarianism after a major culling of the world’s population.

The World in 2016: The “Tells”

The glossy magazine The Economist, owned in part by the Rothschild family, recently published their annual edition The World in 2016 with a front cover that sprawled across two pages. It also contains a cartoonish calendar that is both bizarre and alarming. Nonetheless, those holding the “house edge” appear to have a propensity at telling us what they intend for us, and laugh at us while doing it. The 2016 calendar contains numerous indicators of coming devastation amid a chaotic playing field, while clueless spectators in the stands cheer. (More on this in a later report).

Meanwhile, the average person turns to the financial reports broadcast by the captured and fully controlled mass media, where they are told that our economy is ever-improving. Again, they fail to see the big picture, or allow their egos or normalcy bias to deny that they are being gamed, for they are far too intelligent to be fooled. They fail to see the magnitude of the lie, and will fight those who do.

Oil: The Lifeblood of War

Most Americans are rejoicing at the gas pumps as the price of oil is spiraling downward. The collective sigh of relief can be heard from coast to coast, yet few understand the rhyme or reason behind falling oil prices. Even fewer realize that oil is not just the lifeblood of war, but often the cause for war.

Oil has long been weaponized, and the globalists are now using the price in a proxy war against the Russians and the East, in part as retaliation for the work-around by Russia and China against the U.S. Dollar. Meanwhile, low oil prices are dramatically impacting employment and loan performance at many banks.

Not only is oil being used as a weapon in the West’s proxy war against Russia, it is a tool for the consolidation of wealth among the global elite.

U.S. Stock Market

Few can debate, at least with any degree of honesty, the manipulation of the U.S. stock market. The market has gone fully “rogue” now, and is being managed by automation designed to enrich the most powerful while bleeding any remaining wealth from the average person who relied on their clueless advisors to invest. Americans’ retirement accounts are lost in seconds, while the globalist bankers chuckle at the ease in which their wholesale confiscation of wealth is conducted with impunity.

War on Cash and all things shiny

It’s difficult not to notice that there is a war against cash. We are being forced into a cashless society, for a society without cash is absolutely necessary for our complete control and subjugation. The power elite cannot control what they cannot see, so it is critical that cash be eliminated for “full spectrum dominance” over the entire population.

Sadly, people are all too willing to trade freedom and anonymity for convenience and alleged security that a cashless society would ostensibly provide. For the larger objective, however, life without cash must be accomplished. Moves to this end can be seen taking place through negative interest rates (after all, can you even imagine a bank charging you to keep your money in their vault, er, on their balance sheet?) Expect this to heat up this year.

Moreover, real money (silver and gold) will continue to be demonized by the global powers and their prostitute mouthpieces in the captured and compromised media. Only the informed few will understand the true value of silver and gold as a preservation of wealth and protection against currency manipulation that is expected to reach unprecedented levels in 2016.

Anyone having the foresight to invest in silver and gold are now being shamed not just by the mass media, but by many in the “new” media for holding onto a barbarous relic that has lost value over the last few years. These tactics are being perpetrated by both the informed and the uninformed, for voluntary surrender to the globalists (the former) or by the ignorance of the larger picture of complete servitude of all mankind (the latter).

End Game

In addition to the economic chaos that will increase in 2016 and beyond, the threads that are being woven into our societal fabric by the globalists are actually thin snares of sharp wire disguised as cotton. Soon, however, the façade of the fabric will wear off, and most will find themselves tied down by the Lilliputians of Lucifer.

Many masks are beginning to come off while others will be removed in 2016. We can be like Gulliver who awakens to find that there is no way out, or we can take steps to avoid such a fate.

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished. Proverbs 22:3 (KJV)

Which will you be?