New Purpose, New Mandate, New Information

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I created this website in 2002 in response to the 9/11 attacks on the United States. This website existed as the public portal for information found by a group of volunteer credentialed investigators who successfully infiltrated numerous active forums, chat rooms and websites controlled by Muslim terrorists. It was named after the newly created Department of Homeland Security, which in retrospect, was not the best idea considering the Orwellian connotations of the name. But then, I was admittedly naïve to the larger picture.

For nearly a decade, our group (known as the Northeast Intelligence Network) effectively provided information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation of terrorist “chatter,” postings, maps, and other details being traded among Muslim terrorists or those sympathetic to the Islamic takeover of the United States.

We were recognized by letter from the FBI as an approved and fully vetted source of information, and were assigned two specific desks at the FBI for conveying information that fit very specific “threat parameters.” One desk was for domestic threats; the other for non-domestic threats. That letter remains on file at this office.

Over the years, we were personally informed that some of the data we provided did, in fact, stop or otherwise adversely affect the plans and plots in the U.S., the “Green Zone” in Iraq, and elsewhere.

We were the first group to intercept and post beheading videos to illustrate to the public the nature of the Islamic threat. We were the first non-governmental group to infiltrate not just the electronic platforms used by Muslim terrorists or their facilitator, but conduct covert surveillance of Muslim training compounds in the United States, including Jamaat ul Fuqra led by Sheik Mubarek Ali Gilani.

We were the first independent investigative group to provide photographic and videotape documentation of paramilitary training activities taking place at remote and urban locations by “Muslim Extremists.” Our findings were published in various law enforcement sensitive publications. Many of our findings without classification were published on our website for public review.

In the latter months of the Bush administration and as Obama began forming his government, some unsettling things began to happen. The information we were providing seemed to fall into a “black hole” or even more troubling, made its way back to the very individuals and groups we were investigating. Concurrently, I began to hear from our investigators that the alter-identities and covers they worked so hard to establish and maintain were being compromised from within the government. Their real identities were made known to the enemy, something that could only happen from within.

In the case of Jamaat ul Fuqra, once designated as a terrorist organization, our full and un-redacted report was provided to Sheikh Gilani in Lahore, Pakistan, within 48 hours of its submission to government authorities. That resulted in a rambling “religious statement,” referred to as a fatwa by intelligence analysts against me personally and my organization. It is relevant to note that Gilani was the intended source of an interview that was scheduled with Wall Street Journal Reporter Daniel Pearl when he was kidnapped and beheaded.

After that posting, I received an evening visit by two FBI agents at my home for the purpose of informing me of this posting and to “suggest” that I increase my personal security. A similar visit by a CIA agent followed.

Additionally, a secondary investigation involving terrorist activities in Western New York, including and overlapping the “Lackawanna Six” (a reference to the six Muslims arrested, charged and convicted for terrorist activities) broadened the threat against me and my family, but to popular radio talk show host Tom Bauerle of WBEN-AM and Steve Quayle, who was actively posting our investigative results after the authorities failed to respond to the most overt threats against us.

Not only were we being threatened by self-proclaimed Muslim “extremists” abroad and even more unsettling – close to home, it appeared as if we were being “outed” by the very agencies and people to whom we were providing threat assessment data.

In late 2008, we turned over information about one of the principals of a Muslim television station located in Buffalo, NY, Muzzammil Syed Hassan. The information we provided to the authorities resulted in yet another visit to my home by two FBI agents who left several photographs of Hassan and another individual, accompanied by an ominous warning to “watch (my) back” and to “consider the safety of my family.” Their parting, less than reassuring words were “you’re on your own.”

We found out - in. very personal way - just how true those words were…

In February 2009, Hassan was arrested for beheading his wife at the television station. He was later convicted of those charges and remains in prison.

Meanwhile, we began to see various internet sites (Republican and Democrat, Progressive and Conservative sites) publish defamatory articles about our work. It was beyond demoralizing, especially considering the events taking place behind the scenes. The apparent purpose was to destroy our otherwise pristine reputation among law enforcement and to cast doubt on our historical effectiveness.

The final straw occurred when one of our most talented and effective investigators contacted me late one evening, frustrated by what he was finding in every password protected forum. He said that “I can’t tell who the bad guys are anymore.” It was evident that government operatives had infiltrated the same internet venues we had under surveillance and were actively “baiting” people using less-than-subtle tactics. Some were exposed by their activities, others seemed to be stepping over the line from surveillance to facilitation. It was at that point I realized that things were amiss in the world of counter-terrorism, and nothing was as it initially appeared.

The larger picture was much more disturbing than any of us realized. Yes, the threat from Muslim terrorists was indeed real, but in many cases, was either being facilitated by or occurring under the watchful eye of the same agencies tasked to protect our nation. Welcome to the reality of what is now termed as the “Deep State.”

After a lengthy hiatus and the creation and expansion of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, the Northeast Intelligence Network has returned. Our mission, however, is much broader than our original charter.

Our new network of highly skilled and heavily credentialed investigators is working to expose all threats to our Constitutional Republic – and there are many, well beyond the threat of Muslim terrorists. We will be providing our results directly to the public, using the broad platform of the Hagmann & Hagmann Report and this website.

Not only have we infiltrated the Islamic groups, but we’ve infiltrated the anarchist groups that are behind the chaos you are seeing envelope the United States after the reign of Obama and the election of President Donald J. Trump.

We have found the enemy - and they are inside the gate.

Stay tuned. You will never look at the world the same way again.