Ship & crew reportedly recovered but questions remain

18 August 2009: Three weeks after it “went missing,” the cargo vessel Arctic Sea, pictured above, was reportedly recovered and its 15-man crew safe. The Maltese-owned ship was found yesterday about 300 miles from the Cape Verde islands. The ship’s cargo reportedly consists of about $1 million in lumber that was bound for Algeria, but never made it to that destination. Instead, the vessel was reportedly boarded by a dozen men on or about 24 July, just one day after leaving a port in Finland.

For the next 3 weeks, the ship supposedly managed to elude radar and satellite tracking. Reports of piracy, ransom demands, and other mysteries captured overseas’ headlines during the ship’s disappearance, but the only thing that is certain is that nothing about this incident is certain.

The Northeast Intelligence Network is investigating reports that the ship held “unofficial” cargo - something perhaps of a very deadly nature. Additional information concerning this matter of will be published as it is verified by international intelligence sources.