ANOTHER security incident aboard same Delta flight TODAY

By Douglas J. Hagmann

27 December 2009: Investigators are reporting yet another “security incident” involving a suspicious, disruptive Nigerian passenger aboard Delta flight 253 that landed at Detroit Metropolitan AirportĀ  today at 12:35 pm ET. This is the same flight that 23 year-old Muslim terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempted to blow-up on Christmas Day. According to investigators, the flight crew requested emergency assistance Sunday upon landing in Detroit. The flight landed without incident.

According to on-site reports, a Nigerian man locked himself in the lavatory of the aircraft and would not exit when requested to do so. He also became verbally abusive to the flight crew during the incident, and was taken into custody shortly after the aircraft landed. The remaining 255 passengers were removed safely from the aircraft.

Our investigation into this incident is continuing.