Leaked bin Laden report; the final chapter?

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

A three page, nine part document on the letterhead of the Office of the Inspector General of Police, Islamabad, Pakistan,  dated 12 January 2021 was “leaked” by unknown sources to the media. The document is allegedly an investigative work document containing information from the youngest wife of Osama bin Laden, Amal Ahmed Abdul Fateh, 30.

The report details the alleged movements of the large bin Laden entourage of three wives, numerous children and two other families. They reportedly lived in relative comfort in at least four cities in Pakistan, having an ample support structure in each city.

According to the report, Fateh arrived in Pakistan in July of 2000 with the intent of marrying a Mujhaid. Her desires were realized by her marriage to bin Laden in 2000, although the report states that she cannot remember the actual date of her marriage.

About a third of the report is dedicated to Fateh being in Pakistan illegally and contains the  recommendations for department of her and her five children be deported as soon as possible.

False narrative?

Media reports have attributed the information contained within this report as originating from Fateh herself, although the document does not exactly read that way. Fateh has openly denied that she provided any of this information, and contends that the report is factually incorrect.

Investigation into the information contained in this investigative report, along with the timing of its leak does raise legitimate questions about its accuracy.

The report appears to conform to the official government narrative about the life and times of Osama bin Laden, the world’s most wanted yet most elusive terrorist who apparently adhered to anything but a reclusive lifestyle.  The report states that at least two of bin Laden’s children were born in government run hospitals after 9/11.

One wonders whether this report is a desperate attempt to write the final chapters of a bad spy novel while conforming to the official government narrative of the life and times of Osama Bin Laden.