Flashback to 2009: Insight into today

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1 July 2012: The following in-depth article was published on this web site over three-(3) years ago. It’s amazing to look back at the analysis we offered at that time, compared to current events.

From Anthrax to Zawahiri, searching for answers

By Randy Taylor & Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

11 May 2009: Does anything about the events of the last few months strike you as odd? How about the last few years, or the last few decades? If you’ve been paying attention to Western politics and world events, and if you’ve been closely following politics inside the United States and have become thoroughly confused by the policies, actions and responses of the United States, then you will undoubtedly reply “yes” to that question. There is an ever growing list of actions, reactions, and policies that just simply don’t make any sense -at least not until they are viewed through the prism of an “alternate reality,” or an agenda of an elite few who are not acting in the best interests of the United States. Such a list would include matters of national security, health and welfare, immigration, and economics. That list would also involve our leaders from both Republican and Democratic sides of the political aisle.

The issues at the center of confusion and controversy that transcend political parties are numerous. Possibilities that were once discussed only among the seemingly reality challenged have now emerged as legitimate possibilities and even explanations of policies and actions that otherwise lack any obvious sense. In many instances, things that were considered as reasonable possibilities only to the conspiracy-minded have become more readily accepted in the mainstream. In some cases, they have become the only explanation.

When the Northeast Intelligence Network was established in 2002 in response to the attack against the United States homeland by Islamic terrorists, it was done in the spirit of assisting our government in the identification of and the fight against Islamic terror threats. Seven years after the worst attack on American soil, we find ourselves in a more tenuous position than ever before. How can this be?

Additionally and equally disturbing is that by recent standards of the United States Department of Homeland Security, it is us who have now become enemies of the state, along with each and every citizen concerned with constitutional issues, second amendment rights, oppressive taxation, and so on. The investigative spotlight has been moved from those responsible for the planning and executing the most deadly attacks against this country to those most concerned for its welfare. How is this possible?

In the seven years since the attacks on this great country, we have witnessed the greatest influx of Islamists (Islamic terrorists or their sympathizers) into nearly every branch of American government, elected office, and appointment positions. We have witnessed the explosive and unchecked growth of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization with a much checkered history, and observed their very un-American influence over our law enforcement agencies and agencies charged with our national security. How did we, as rational people allow this to happen? Why have we permitted this to happen?

Who among us, on September 12, 2001, could have honestly imagined (and honesty is the absolute key here) that the President of the United States in 2009 would be named of Barack Hussein Obama, a man not of African American ethnicity but of Arab lineage? A man with direct ties to known terrorists? A man who still, to this day, has refused to voluntarily provide proof of his eligibility to hold the highest office in the land, and spent an estimated million dollars fighting over forty lawsuits that would compel him to do so? A self-proclaimed citizen of the world, rather than gatekeeper of our country.

How can one legitimately explain any one of the numerous oddities pertaining directly to the security of our nation that have occurred over the last three decades? Most assuredly, there has always been a measure of incompetence and even some blissful ignorance within government, but such excuses can explain only a small portion of the events we are witnessing today.

The ignorance and incompetence excuses can only explain so much before they become an insult to people with even the slimmest of sensibilities. Thirty years and six US presidential administrations after the Iranian revolution, the Islamic Republic of Iran is on the verge of becoming a nuclear power, serving as host to numerous Islamic terror groups responsible for killing Americans worldwide. Now, we are about to embark on a policy of dialogue with the apocalyptic leader of Iran who was involved in holding 52 Americans hostage for 444 days. We are going to talk with a madman with a messianic complex who has denied the existence of the holocaust and continually threatens the annihilation of Israel, our friend and ally in the Middle East. How is this possible?

The domestic Islamic terrorist threat does not simply cease to exist because we choose to rename the fight to an “Overseas Contingency Operation.” If anything, it becomes more malignant by design. Therefore, if we are truly concerned with the security of our homeland, we must ask ourselves what is going on. As unpleasant and uncomfortable as it might be, we must look beyond the obvious in order to identify all of the threats to our country, and every agenda at play.

Doing so is not acquiescing to the conspiracy fringe – it is conducting an honest and thorough investigation, following evidence wherever it might lead. Be forewarned, however, that this investigation is not a sprint but a marathon. Answers will not always come fast or easy, and we might not be right 100 percent of the time. But for the sake of the future of our country, we have to do our best, with unquestionable integrity absent of any political agenda. Our future just might depend on it.

From the anthrax attacks of 2001 to Zawahiri’s messages of 2009, from the flu to the politics of fear, we have a lot of questions…

The Experimental Viral Tool via Misinformation

According to the news just a couple of weeks ago, we were all going to be infected by Swine Flu and many were going to die. From the poorly named virus to the statistics about its spread and lethality, the reports flowing out of Mexico created panic and widespread concern around the world. Media and government identification of this virus simply as the “swine flu” conveniently omits all references to the actual composition of the virus. Although there is indeed a swine component in this current virus, it is inappropriately named as this incarnation is actually composed of a combination of at least two separate swine flu types, one avian and one human type. It is a recombinant virus that is sufficiently rare enough to legitimately question whether the virus occurred naturally, or was perhaps created or otherwise subjected to some form of genetic engineering or manipulation at some level.

If the possibility of genetic manipulation seems too conspiratorial, it is important to point out that our bio-labs are constantly working with very virulent strains of all kinds of viruses to develop vaccines as well as to create biological weapons. While many will dispute the latter as conspiracy, there is ample historical precedent to prove otherwise. If you need proof, simply do the research. For better or worse, “bad bugs” (and really bad bugs) are out there and in human hands.

Meanwhile, information about the virus, statistics about the number of people infected and those who reportedly died from the virus were initially hyped by DHS, the CDC and World Health Organization. We watched the agencies that are supposed to be protecting us fumble like alley drunks in every aspect of this carefully orchestrated chaos. The initial reports had over 1500 infected in Mexico with some 59 dead. Within 48 hours reports were adjusted downward to only 150 who had died specifically from the Mexican Swine Flu.

As if on cue, Vice President Joseph Biden furthered the panic by stating publicly that people should avoid mass transit and populated enclosed areas. Meanwhile, news agencies in Mexico were publicly stating that most of the deaths were attributed to pneumonia cases, paying little regard to the fact that the flu statistics would fall within the catch-all of pneumonia. Confusion seemed to be the order of the week.

The actual truth about the virus might be more difficult to discern, which is in no way accidental. The fact that the virus is a recombinant flu of different strains was rarely mentioned. The fact that this virus has a new, never before seen and too-late-to-contain sub-type that has a similar attribute to the 1917-1920 “H1N1 Spanish Flu” that killed over 50 million people worldwide is also being downplayed. One similarity to the early 1900?s virus is that the victims were primarily young adults with healthy immune systems. Despite that similarity and the rapid onset from infection to death, many officials have been reassuring the public that the mortality statistics would be much different due to improved sanitation, better and improved access to health care and the existence of pharmaceuticals. For every possibility, it seems like there is an equal and opposing alternative.

Regardless of the various levels of disinformation, there is one significantly important factor that has yet to be mentioned about the spread of this virus. Notice that the virus is almost completely absent from Russia, China and Islamic countries of the Middle East. Keep reading and you’ll learn why.

One Week Later- We Have Everything under Control

After dominating headlines for a full week, suddenly news reports were assuring everyone that the flu seemed to be less of a health threat than first thought. Although no vaccine would be available for at least six months (the length of time it would take to identify the strain and manufacture the vaccine), experts were already talking up Tamiflu as the cure for this virus. All drugs have known side effects, but Tamiflu seems to be a cut above. It is manufactured in part with cyclohexane, which just happens to be one of the main ingredients in PCP (also known as “angel dust”). It is reported that Tamiflu can cause suicidal tendencies and irrational behavior. No matter, as one can get those tendencies by simply reading a US economics report.

Better yet is that the US government is looking to companies like Baxter International for the vaccine for this flu. Baxter made headlines as the company that “accidentally” contaminated flu vaccines with the bird flu virus and shipped the vaccines around the world. Based on the numerous controls at every step of the process to prevent the possibility of such accidents, an investigation into this incident must be launched. Those people should be in jail, not working on vaccines to inoculate the free world. Doing business with Baxter should be considered criminal in itself, especially if vaccinations become mandatory in the future as many predict. The contamination of the vaccine, including how it was discovered, is an example of complicity or incompetence by those responsible for oversight within the US government.

The Distribution of Fear

The timing of the flu virus is indeed interesting. Occurring at the end of the typical flu season, it also occurred in the middle of an economic crisis. The remarks like those made by Biden had airlines canceling flights, cruise ships canceling stops to Mexican ports, and creating general panic. The World Health Organization raised the Alert Level from three to four, then to five. This left it at one level down from full blown pandemic status. Their excuse was actually a myriad of excuses. These are the people, paired with the CDC, who are supposed to save us in the event of an outbreak of a deadly disease or virus. Thanks for yelling “FIRE” in the crowded theater -our economy needed that. A weakened population is a population that is open to manipulation.

Media Manipulation and Censored Information

The intelligent public, who didn’t rely on mainstream world media outlets, knew better. If you had the inclination to track down independent Mexican news sources, those sources seemed to know more about the state of the flu virus than our “government experts.” However and quite noticeably, the global media chimed right in with the most exaggerated of all of the reports rather than doing what journalists are supposed to do, which is dig to get to the truth – all of it.

As manipulation of the media is concerned, there were notable oddities pertaining to reports of the potential pandemic. As detailed in an article dated April 30, 2020 by Randy Taylor, the normal Google News feature of International links worked up until April 29. Suddenly, the ability to access translated news reports from almost every region in the world simply vanished. The timing of this was beyond coincidental and not the first time something like this has happened. The ultimate question is who is ultimately behind this?

We are sure that continued investigation will reveal that it is the same entity that wants the right to total control over the Internet, access to our hard drives and our email. It is becoming quite obvious that we have been relegated to sheep status and someone, some group either inside our government or operating just behind the public veil that we consider to be our government, are editing, controlling and deciding exactly what we will see as the general public. We experienced this under President Bush as well as each of his predecessors since the middle of the last century.

The problem is that this controlled media distribution is that is NOT just confined to the U.S. Those who are behind this orchestration are much larger and more powerful than most understand. In consideration of all the moves during the twenty-plus years toward global governance and a “One World order,” the culprits are obviously global, some operating publicly with agenda deciding partners hiding in the shadows.

Why The Trial Run Pandemic in the First Place?

This recent outbreak of the A(H1N1) flu along with a projected future mutation is a tool in the hands of master manipulators. The next flu outbreak will likely be a strain of flu that will effectively kill people, result in forced inoculations and all the trimmings that will come with a national emergency. The “National Emergency” that will change our lives could be a pandemic, a terrorist attack or a combination of both. This will occur sooner than later.

Please note that the spotlight turned from Tea Party Protests and Hussein Obama’s socialist agenda once the Swine Flu scare hit us. The perfect diversion was used to downplay protests before they could gain more momentum across the country. Even the bloggers have lost sight of the Tea Parties.

The world stage is set and the NWO orchestra is warming up. The question is, “who is conducting the orchestra?”

Let’s look at the “Who’s Who” of global population manipulation and the reason behind it. It’s all about submission of mankind to a world government. This means complete submission to a New World Order of Government.

Many people point to the Bilderberg Group, intertwined with the Trilateral Commission and multiple governments as the culprits behind the global agenda being played out on the world. Undoubtedly, there is a level of involvement, but it reaches much deeper than that. Those mentioned groups are front people for something else, an organization that never sees the light of day. We suspected this for years but all the available culprits were always too publicly visible. This is much deeper and darker than a group that meets annually in large hotels or resorts. These people that meet and that people sometimes manage to photograph are simply the expeditors and the money handlers of the agenda operating on the orders of the core group, who will never be openly associated with them as a group.

Many Globalist Type Agendas are Colliding

One thing that people should notice is the absence of major multiple Middle Eastern Islamic members, Russia or China in the Bilderberg Group Membership.

One can only imagine the proportions of the conflict presented by Islam, Russia or China wanting to dominate the world while the globalists that are North American, European members and non-Islamic also want to also take over the world. It is critical to understand that both the Islamic movement and the Globalist Agenda are equally dangerous as they both require total submission of the people to tyrannical government. Both will attempt to eliminate any opposition to their plan to dominate the world. In theory that is – follow along.

This great divide in the members of the world governments themselves might explain quite a few things that have been happening for decade’s right under our noses. Most all world governments are represented in The United Nations, yet many UN members are absent from the groups like Bilderberg. That’s the flaw in the theory that the Bilderberg Group is solely the true core of evil of what’s happening around us. No, it’s deeper than that. This Globalist Agenda lies within the United Nations itself and a group of banking and industrial elite deeply intertwined within the United Nations. Yet still, to this day, there is an internal struggle for power within the UN as Islam and Western or Democratic countries collide on major issues, mostly centered on Islam itself. However, the tone of many Islamic countries at this time is rather friendly towards the US and Europe mainly for economic reasons, not philosophical or religious ones. Granted, one day that will change eventually regardless of what deals are made here in the near future between the east and the west in an effort to set up a one world government. In the short term and in the long term, Iran will never agree to this. Syria, in the short term will not agree. Later, in a survival mode, once Iran has been attacked by Israel, Syria will possibly come to the globalist table.

The Bilderbergs are merely the money changers, administrative expeditors and experts at economic extinction for western societies. They also fund the Military Industrial Complex. They are mostly members of NATO countries. They mainly include members from democratic countries who have yet to be completely turned into tyrannical governments with their populations under control. Additionally, their attendance rolls aren’t loaded up with Muslims with the exception of Turkey, who usually has a representative at Bilderberg meetings and is also a member of NATO. Muslim countries are already under tyrannical control by their leaders. Russia has its population under control. China has its population under control. None are Democratic countries. There is no need for Bilderberg designed destruction from within for any of these. Over the next several months you will notice that these non-democratic countries will be void of deep recessions, depressions, bio-engineered pandemics and civil unrest. There is no need as their populations are already devoid of rights and the people are sheep. On the other hand, double-digit inflation and economic woes not seen since the Carter administration will indeed deeply impact the United States.

Islamic countries are already under tyrannical control by the virtue of Islam itself and its political structure and compliance to Sharia Law. There is no need to invite them into Bilderberg as they already have control over their populations, yet they would want an Islamic Global Government as opposed to what others have in mind for Global Government.

However, they could, for a time agree to a Western style Global Government simply to survive economically. Their leaders, for the most part are also fairly content with their borders as they are, yet they all fall under their own semi-globalist type agenda as they are all Islamic and are united as Muslims. Most Muslim countries could pull their countries into a “One World Government ” at the drop of a hat or the stroke of a pen. As always, the decision will be based on economics for their respective nations.

An exception to this – or perhaps a working illustration of this “theory” in action is Iraq. Saddam Hussein fancied himself to be like King Nebuchadnezzar, the ancient ruler of Persia, and became a constant and unpredictable problem for global governance by going outside of his borders to expand his empire. Saddam had to go as he wasn’t playing along with the global agenda, and was far too secular for an Islamic theocracy. Now in Iraq there is a “democracy” as described by the US, yet it is actually run by the US. We have the same thing in Afghanistan. Their respective sovereignties as nations are gone now. We own them.

Another country that won’t play along with a global government outside of an Islamic one is Iran. Like Iraq, Iran is a target of the Globalist Elite, the future one world government. Iran will have to be destroyed either physically or economically for a One World Government to be implemented. As illustrated by the Russian scientists involved in Iran’s nuclear project as well as arms sales, Russia is assisting the Islamic side of this fight.

To better position themselves when hostilities commence, Iran and Russia have been and are actively romancing South American countries for a foothold in countries in close proximity to the North American Continent, with their primary target being, of course, the United States. They are bucking the Globalist Agenda in every way they can.

Iran is the wild card in today’s global arena, and as already stated, Russia has openly shown their favoritism to Iran. They alone or combined with other countries (including perhaps with the backing of Russia) may attack Israel simply to unite Muslim countries against the West which they obviously perceive as a threat. Iran and Russia setting up camp in South America is very similar to the US setting up staging areas in Iraq and Afghanistan. The chess board is being set for a huge confrontation. Our old cold war enemy and our Islamic enemy are setting their sights on us and conversely, we are setting our sights on them.

Where the Islamic Terrorists factor In

The fact that al Qaeda and the Taliban don’t want any type of secular New World Order goes without saying, unless that New World Order is Islamic and under strict Sharia law. At present, al Qaeda, the Taliban and other Islamic terror organizations are being financed by Iran worldwide. The financing of al Qaeda and the Taliban by Iran and Russia are most likely largely responsible for the recent Taliban push into Pakistan especially with Pakistan sitting on a turn-key nuclear arsenal.

If Iran and Russia aren’t behind this push, then we would have to look back at the US financing the push by proxy in order to force Pakistan’s hand with regard to al Qaeda and the Taliban. It wouldn’t be the first time we played both ends against the middle in a Middle East conflict. Bear in mind, we created the powers behind the mujahedeen in this Afghanistan/Pakistan area of conflict way back when we fought the Russians by proxy through the Afghan Mujahedeen. We did it back in the Iran/Iraq war too. We create the conflict, finance the conflict then leave the future bad guys well armed to where we have to fight them at a later date. That’s how the Military Industrial Complex works. Wars and conflicts equate into huge profits for the players in the Military Industrial Complex. Wars could be won in weeks, yet the players don’t profit from quick victories. Prolonged conflicts are the real moneymaker.

The Pre-determined Role of Barack Hussein Obama

Let’s get back to the subject of a plan to bring all the major world players together. Barack Hussein Obama was assigned to usher in these other “friendly” Middle Eastern countries to the Global Government because he is also a Muslim with Islamic connections, who openly bows to the Islamic Elite. This was perfectly illustrated by his actions in front of the Saudi Royals. Barack Hussein Obama is the Western globalist attempt at a bridge between the powers seeking a New World Order and the Islamic countries that are open to being included in such a government, even if only for a short period of time. He is also the potential bridge to any countries that are currently showing allegiance to Iran, Russia or China such as Cuba and Venezuela. Obama has reassured the Muslims with his recent statement that the US is not and will never be at war with Islam.

Common sense would dictate then that the Muslim countries that don’t subscribe to a Globalist Government will be eliminated by force. There was no other leader going to be allowed to be the President of the United States. It had to be a Muslim with ties to the Muslim world. It’s the only way that the group behind the scenes could bring everyone to the Globalist table. It has to move at an accelerated rate too. Hussein Obama is proving this daily.

Russia would most likely come to the table with their Muslim counterparts, however, China most likely would not. China is doing everything possible to contain the US and get an upper hand on the US militarily. They are infiltrating our computer systems, power grids, air traffic systems, NORAD systems and various DOD systems. In return, we have sold them a great deal of our debt as it is unlikely that we will (or even can) repay the debt. It is possible to inflict economic damage to another country as a debtor. This infusion of debt to China was done intentionally.

The Price Tag of Islamic Compliance to the New World Order

The price tag that the Islamic countries would seek to be in negotiations to be part of the New World Order may be the attempted or allowed destruction of Israel itself, without any intervention by the US. Israel is the fly in the ointment anytime there are any foreign policy discussions between the US and major Islamic powers. Anytime we want to further an agenda in the Middle East, Israel has to make a concession in her fight for survival. Barack Hussein Obama is openly turning his back on Israel more and more each and every day. This may well be by design – by using Israel as a bargaining chip in an effort to bring Islamic countries to the Globalist Government table. The New World Order would have to have the Islamic countries on their side, at least for a time in order to bring everyone under a one world government. This evens the odds with regard to China and the military and economic problem that China presents.

Israel, if she were to either comply with the illegal requests from the United States to relinquish sovereignty and surrender land to the Palestinians or if she chooses not to comply, the result could be a Palestinian state forced into existence through war or economic pressure. The fact that Hussein Obama is even considering nullifying our 40 year old nuclear agreement with Israel by exposing the level of her nuclear arsenal and disclosing the locations of her nuclear armaments, insisting that Israel disarms, could spell out a death warrant for the small sovereign nation. Those nukes and the support of the United States have been Israel’s insurance against attacks by neighboring Muslim countries. Hussein Obama is threatening to remove both.

The additional price tag is that democratic countries have to implement Islamic influence into their governmental structures. This has been obvious in the UK and is becoming more apparent in the United States.

Barack Hussein Obama was chosen, not elected.

Our own Electoral College saw to that, just like they made sure that Bush beat Kerry out back in 2004. Kerry knew about two weeks before the election that he was out. All the fight went out of the boy after the meeting with the true powers that be. It was obvious. No, it was PAINFULLY obvious. The Electoral College, once a tool provided by the Constitution has become exploited in ways our founding fathers never intended. It has become a scam that was implemented to make sure the “chosen ones” and not the truly elected ones made it into the White House. To prove this, just look at the terminology used by the media after elections. A candidate can have the “popular vote” yet lose in the Electoral College. That in itself defies logic. Read this excerpt from a CNN explanation of how the Electoral College works.

“The Constitution’s framers established the Electoral College as a way to avoid the direct popular election of the president. Some of the Constitution’s authors did not trust the ability of the common voter to make the “right” decision, so they devised the Electoral College as one way of lessening the power of the popular vote.”

Source: http://www.cnn.com/2008/LIVING/studentnews/07/22/one.sheet.electoral.college/index.html

So what’s the point in voting? In fact, although the state electors are supposedly committed to vote for the candidate of the party that chose them, nothing in the Constitution requires them to do so. This explains the presence of the Kenyan born Muslim in the White House right now.

He is an insert, a Manchurian Candidate of sorts that has strict instructions to drive the US into an economic depression that will leave no alternative other than to unite with other countries as one, including Islamic countries. He is the destructor of sovereignty. He is the stripper of civil rights. He is the catalyst by which Muslims can infiltrate the government at all critical levels. This explains his hobnobbing and back slapping with enemies of the United States. He is supposed to be the one that brings everyone together at the Globalist Table, Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Beware of this person. Meanwhile, our investigation continues.