Quazi Nafis and the larger picture

By Douglas J. Hagmann

17 October 2020: It was in January when 21 year-old Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis arrived from in New York from Bangladesh on a student visa. He made his home in Queens, New York and immediately began to plan and plot the destruction of the very country hosting him.  According to the federal indictment, he always maintained that the United States is “dar-al harb,” or the land of war in Arabic. His philosophy is that it is permissible to travel to the U.S. for two reasons: to wage jihad, or holy war against non-Muslims, or to perform “dawaa,” which is to convert every man, woman and child to Islam.

Thanks to our open border policy and the lack of proper oversight of the U.S. student visa program over a decade after the worst attacks on American soil, we allowed him inside our country. Our own State Department policies made it easy for him to come to the United States, despite the inherent risks.  And there are most certainly many others already here of similar mindset and intent. Terrorism by Muslims is a real threat and one that is deeply rooted in the most basic ideology of Islam. Thanks to the policies of our own government, the progressive media and their unthinking or brainwashed followers, as well as a number of other factors, the U.S. is fertile ground for another devastating blow by the most savage enemy we have faced in recent history.

Reviewing the complaint against Nafis, it should be clear to most people that the Islamic ideology is represented in the intent and actions of Nafis. In the complaint, the United States is considered “dar-al harb,” or the land of war in the Arabic language. Killing innocent men, women and children is just the nature of the beast. Until a country or land is converted to Islam, jihad is ordained by the Qur’an. This is clearly detailed in the federal complaint against Nafis:

“We will not stop until we attain victory or martyrdom. “…[A]ll I had in my mind are how to destroy America…I came up to this conclusion that targeting America’s economy is most efficient way to draw the path of obliteration of America as well as the path of establishment of Khilapha.”

Convert or Die

As detailed by Trevor Thomas in his column published on October 7, 2020 where he cited author Bernard Lewis’ book The Roots of Muslim Rage (1990), many Muslims are “beginning to return” to the fundamental mindset that the world is divided in two factions: Muslim occupied and the lands not yet occupied or converted to the ideology of Islam. Although I am employing a bit of editorial license here, it is clear that the fundamental mindset of Muslims is to create a global Islamic rule, or Caliphate, which includes the U.S. Mr. Thomas’ column provides particularly important insight as he details the motives of Muslims. Of course, the Progressive ideology and the overall cowardice of U.S. leaders, combined with an important element of nefarious complicity provides the means and opportunity - in spades.

The larger picture

While it is clear that Nafis was merely following the fundamental ideology detailed in the Qur’an, there is more to the Islamic infiltration in America than Quazi Nafis and the many others like him.  It is certainly true that Nafis and others are fulfilling their duties under the tenets of true Islam, but what about those in power who seem to allow or even facilitate Islamic infiltration in the U.S.? Most obvious is the cowardice that exists among many. They are afraid of losing their positions within government by speaking out against the criminally negligent pandering to Muslims for fear of being called intolerant or even racist, despite the misuse of that term in this context. Some are fearful of being called “Islamophobic,” a word invented by the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), a front group for the terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood, and used expeditiously by a dutiful complicit media. Others are just plain uninformed. But there is a larger component that few can see or are willing to admit exists.

Islamic terrorists are being used as pawns in a global power grab. While Islam is completely incompatible with democracy, our laws, our Constitution and the moral fabric of our nation, there is an element that continues to facilitate an Islamic takeover from within. Why? In such cases, it’s not ignorance nor is it fear. It’s part of a larger agenda. Islam is more compatible with communism than democracy, and communism is the preferred path to global governance.

Our Judeo-Christian heritage and the Jewish and Christian religions in America also present problems for global governance. In fact, our faith is a formidable enemy of the globalists. What better way, then, is there to  facilitate the globalist agenda than to dilute the Jewish and Christian faith? A deliberate perversion of Christianity is well in progress, and so is the increase in the anti-Semitic mindset.

By removing the blinders, taking a few steps back to look at the larger picture, and understanding that it is not mere incompetence that is allowing this internal attack on America to progress with expeditious progress, we can better see how Islam and Islamic terror is being used as a tool. Once we fully understand the tactics at play, we can better understand that Muslim terrorists like Nafis do indeed exist, but are being used by the power brokers to advance a much larger agenda.

The different sides of Muslim terror

When terrorists like Nafis are caught, it reminds Americans that we have enemies who want to kill us and convert our nation to Islam. But there is another aspect that is rarely addressed. The snaring of Quazi Nafis in a FBI sting will be used to justify and even broaden police-state tactics under the pretext of keeping all Americans safe. It sounds good and even looks good to the unthinking masses.

If our elected leaders were truly concerned about such terror threats, however, why would they allow the Muslim Brotherhood, through its front groups and operational assets, influence and in some cases, even dictate foreign and domestic policy? The answer is they would not. So, look at the situation involving Nafis accordingly. Don’t be myopic in your thinking and look at the larger picture.