Sex, lies and Obama Ben Ghazi

A Shakespearean tragedy

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By Douglas J.  Hagmann

13 November 2012: Sex, trysts and indiscretions. Nothing more effectively diverts the public’s attention away from emerging critical truths better than the time-tested template of salacious headlines. It hijacks people’s attention away from far more critical matters that threaten the positions and agendas of the most powerful people engaged in even more immoral acts. It must be recognized for what it is: a tactic of diversion.

The alleged trysts of power brokers are a component to the story of Benghazi, but they are not the story. They provide convenient cover for emerging revelations. Like arrows in a quiver of those in positions of power, they exist as leverage to be used to neutralize existing or potential threats at the precise moment they are needed, without the untidiness and inconvenient inquiries that tend to accompany dead bodies. They are also powerful weapons that control the perception of a voyeuristic public, which is dutifully fed the salacious details by a complicit media.

Longing for the days of Watergate

America has never been in greater need of a “Woodward and Bernstein” effort than today. We are witnessing a cover-up of monumental proportions, with all roads leading directly to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. We’ve already seen the modern day equivalent of the infamous Saturday night massacre in the form of resignations of senior officers and officials, with more to certainly follow. It’s all about the cover-up, and always about the cover-up. Yet, such an effort will not be made by a media compromised by years of infiltration, having evolved into its present incarnation as a ministry of propaganda.

When one begins pulling on the thread of Benghazi, the entire fabric covering Barack Hussein Obama, from his earliest political activities to the current operations in play begin to unravel. By pulling on this one thread, his associates and associations, compatriots and coconspirators, alliances, plans and agendas become exposed for all to see in the proper context.

Benghazi, by a thread

The reason full disclosure about Benghazi is needed is that it will expose an agenda much larger, much deeper, and much more nefarious than any extra-judicial operation we have seen in recent history. It will reveal Obama’s contempt for the United States Congress and the rule of law. It will also reveal Obama’s ugly contempt for human life, as there are not only four Americans dead from his operational objectives, but forty thousand dead in Syria - and counting.

Consistent with his modus operandi, Barack Hussein Obama has made congress and the oversight it provides irrelevant, and committed America to a proxy war without the approval of its citizens. If this were a play, North Africa, the Middle East and that entire region would be Obama’s theater. If allowed to continue on this path, the proxy war being directed by Obama will turn into another military engagement in Syria, with American troops and equipment, in costumes supplied by NATO at the forefront of a war to which Americans never agreed.

Pulling the thread of Benghazi will reveal that yes, the CIA under the direction of Barack Hussein Obama, was engaged in an arms running operation from Libya to Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. It was and continues to be the Obama plan to overthrow Syrian President Assad and install a regime backed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Why? For humanitarian reasons? The families of forty thousand dead in Syria would likely disagree, as most were killed at the hands of U.S. backed, trained and armed “rebels.”

The western headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood, the location of the casting couch for this Shakespearian tragedy, has a prominent address of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The visitor logs show an interesting flow of representatives into the house once owned by the people, as do the various appointments made by Obama over the years. No one should be surprised at this casting call, as Obama’s past reveals an association that far preceded the plans we see being implemented. That is, as much of his past as we have been permitted to know, or have fought to see.

Pulling on the Benghazi thread will expose the money trail from Saudi Arabia. It will show that the Royal family has their own personal army and intelligence agency. It’s the U.S. military and Obama’s CIA. We’re doing the heavy lifting and dirty work for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by a captured operative we know as Barack Hussein Obama.

We are in a proxy war with Iran and by extension, with Russia, with Saudi Arabia picking up much of the tab for the venue and props. Syria is just the theater, and Libya was the opening act. The attack at Benghazi was an unscheduled act in the play, but one that provided us with the program.

When the frenzy of headlines about sex and lies gradually abates, will we refocus on the events obscured by our thirst for salaciousness, or will it be too late? Perhaps we can do so now by understanding that the headlines are being written by the operatives themselves. Let’s not be derailed. Let’s look at the program, and understand the plot of the play before the final curtain call.