Trading U.S. security for Palestinian state

By Lee Kaplan, senior analyst, communications director

5 January 2013:  If U.S. security analysts take a hard look at the so-called “peace movement” going on in the Middle East, it becomes clear that after 20 years of coddling Arab terrorists and overseas dictators the U.S. is heading for a fall here at home. The Iranian nuclear threat is real; Iran continues to build ICBM’s that can reach further against Europe and that will eventually reach here.

Most American citizens, even ones of Jewish or Arab descent have limited frames of knowledge over what is going on in the far off Middle East. Even as a potential nuclear showdown looms with Iran, government leaders are pursuing a no-win situation with the same idiotic fervor begun 20 years ago between democratic Israel and its fascist neighbors.

The news wires recently announced that Al Jazeera, the Arab world’s pro-terrorist propaganda television network, will enter U.S. markets riding on the back of the former Link TV network, the Emir of Qatar’s propaganda TV network, that will run through cable providers like Comcast and Direct TV.  To an uneducated viewer this is just more entertainment to watch; to television executives it’s more money. But to American national security, it’s an open door for promoting terrorism through propaganda and disinformation in the United States and normalizing the terrorist mentality in the Middle East within American culture.  Al Jazeera is already here in the U.S. illegally using taxpayer dollars by getting some of its broadcasting carried by public broadcasting in defiance of U.S. law. And they are not alone. RT, or Russia Today is operating on American air waves despite having no FCC license to do so. Even more incredibly, Press TV, which is Iranian propaganda TV, is also broadcasting in the U.S.

Imagine if Hitler had a broadcasting network across America during World War II about how well the war effort would have gone back then. All of these broadcasters function as media arms of overseas totalitarians and even terrorist groups. It used to be immigrants and their following generations who came to America from totalitarian regimes overseas embraced being Americans and rejected any support for those totalitarian regimes particularly when those regimes opposed democratic Western allies. Today, we see younger second generations of Arab Americans cheering on Hamas and Fatah, and favoring war or annihilation against the democratic state of Israel, a U.S. ally.  Boycotting Israel is against U.S. Law, but our government under both parties ignores the Law.  Few people realize that a movement designed to starve the Jews out in Israel, or even just the West Bank, is merely a repetition of the Third Reich campaign for fascist domination of the world. Yet it thrives because indoctrination and propaganda as practiced in the Arab totalitarian world has been brought to the American college system as practiced in these educational and cultural systems of these same fascist countries.  Adding Al Jazeera to the mix will be a way to bring this indoctrination to the American community-at-large, not just the next generations of college students.

The fascist Arab world targeted our colleges and universities long ago to teach the same Arab propaganda taught in the totalitarian Arab world. Today there is a movement to boycott and divest from a fellow democracy, Israel, in order to force Arab and Muslim terrorist groups to get what they want. And that isn’t a Palestinian state where “Palestinians” can lead normal democratic lives. That’s the spin. The goal is to increase Arab totalitarianism in that part of the world. This is being done at the behest of the Saudis and the likes of the Emir of Qatar. We’re leaving the barn door open.

The Disengagement for Gaza by Israel proved the situation is unworkable for creating a Palestinian state, particularly one that is not de-militarized (to the contrary, it would be funding the most powerful terror movement in history).

For the first time in history a country, Israel, deported its own population and turned an area over to a terrorist group in the name of democracy, but that only increased war and totalitarianism. Rival terror gangs, Fatah and Gaza fought over the easily won new turf and Gaza won.  Today, despite propaganda of a “siege” on Gaza, the area is flowing with money as part of one of the biggest welfare scams in history. The US funds UNWRA, the Palestinian “refugee” camps as part of the ultimate scam. Tons of aid are even pouring in not just from the U.S. and EU but from Arab charities, black marketing and radical socialist groups intent on expanding that terrorist network. Hamas could make a paradise there (and nearly has for its corrupt Arab leadership as usual) but needs to shoot missiles into Israeli communities over the border because that’s what totalitarian regimes do to reflect from their own shortcomings: they make war. Meanwhile, the American taxpayer continues to fund this by claiming the funds are to promote “peace.” The West Bank is headed for this same scenario in the next few years only now we have the added equation of a nuclear Iran.

The logic of Israel’s leadership back then was that if Israel deported the Jewish population from Gaza as a good will gesture, then if the Arabs attacked them the world would be on Israel’s side. I opposed the Disengagement back then as insanity, particularly such logic.  Needless to say, the world did not take Israel’s side. In fact, when Israel finally sent its army in to neutralize the attacks (10,000 rockets over eight years) in the recent Operation Pillar of Defense, Israel came under unending attacks from the rest of the world. It is reassuring that the U.S. agreed still that Israel had a right to self-defense. But how can the U.S. disagree to common sense publicly while continuing to fund the same terrorist leadership  it has been funding the last 20 years?

The West Bank is 76% vacant and could absorb both Jews and Arabs, yet Arab media propaganda in our colleges and on television and the Internet  falsely tell  Americans that Israel is creating “bantustans” as were found in Apartheid-era South Africa. The purpose is to deceive western audiences to support totalitarian movements thinking they are embracing democratic principles.  But it  is the Arabs, including the Palestinians, who insist no Jews can live in any part of a Palestinian state and who take this further insisting Jewish towns and communities there must all be dismantled as in Gaza before there can be “peace”. There is even a law on the books in the Palestinian Authority that metes out a death sentence if an Arab sells his land to a Jew and the law has been enforced even retroactively. Yet we do not demand this law be rescinded before releasing American tax dollars to the terrorist thugs who enacted it. It doesn’t stop there either. Both the PA leadership under Abbas and the Hamas under Haniyah continue to say they will take all of Israel in the future-by force.  Common sense would tell anyone that what occurred with Gaza is proof this current system after 20 years will not work to bring peace. In fact, it will only move the terror network closer to the heart of Israel for rocket attacks and create another terror state that will eventually be a proxy for Iran like the Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Why does it all continue? It isn’t called the Saudi Peace Initiative by the Arabs over there for nothing while western media euphemistically calls it The Road Map.  The Saudis know how to use their oil money to fund “peace” camps, some even manned by “Jews” to push the phony peace agenda.

The solution would be simple were the totalitarians of the Middle East sincere about peace. A Palestinian state could be created where Jews already there could live as Palestinian citizens. At the same time, this state would have a civil society police force and network to enforce laws against terrorism against the Jews already there. But the truth is Palestinian culture and Arab culture will never do this because Jew-hatred is part of the endemic culture of totalitarian Middle East state. Palestinian police officers today are mostly members of known terrorist groups who vie to show who can be more anti-Israel with their government leaders’ blessings. A PLO terrorist employed as a police officer can make $50,000 a year that comes from foreign aid the American taxpayer is paying.  Some of this philosophy comes from the Koran, but more comes from the need of totalitarians to have “the other” to deflect their populations from what the leadership is stealing.

Don’t think the Iranians aren’t eying a potential Palestinian state in the West Bank for the future where they can send troops, weapons, their revolutionary guards and ultimately another Hezbollah to harass the Little Satan, Israel, as a first step to dominating the Big Satan, America.  The Saudis see this threat to some degree, but not enough to stop funding their Jew-hatred and exportation of their own fascist culture. Their strategy, as usual, is to use oil money to buy their way out of any situation. Even if it means purchasing nuclear weapons from China to negate an Iranian threat.

This why there must not be a Palestinian state in the West Bank. By pushing this agenda we are building up what will be an Iranian beachhead on the only reliable western democratic ally in the Middle East and only encouraging what could be disastrous for us in the next 20 years.

And that will only lead to more war, not less.