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Special Hagmann & Hagmann Report Sunday, 30 June 2020 9:00 p.m.-midnight ET

30 June 2013: It’s decision time, as time is running out. It’s time when you must choose your side. The time for discussion is over, and men and women must act, and act now. Unspeakable evil is being done in your name, laws violating our Constitution and destroying the moral fabric of our nation  are being passed and celebrated by an out-of-control tyrannical government, with your silence and inaction serving as your tacit approval for the destruction of morality and your endorsement of sin.

We know, however, that the fight being brought to us exists not just on this earthly plain, but is also a fight between unbridled evil being unleashed and embraced by mortal men and women, against the promise of eternal salvation.Tonight, please join well known researcher, author, and talk show host Steve Quayle and internationally acclaimed scriptorian and minister Pastor David Lankford live between 9:00 p.m.-midnight ET for very spiritual program that will address why many will reject Jesus Christ but will accept the anti-Christ. Are you on the side of Lord Jesus, the only One who can protect us from the indescribable evil that is about to befall us, on the side of righteousness? The time to decide is nearly over.

As a special segment of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, tonight will be our fourth part of a series that will help you spiritually prepare for the evil days in which we find ourselves. Join us for education in the word of God, solemn prayer, and communion as we talk about today as being the day when you must choose a side.

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Pastor Lankford’s website: The Voice of Evangelism

Steve Quayle’s website: