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magnify19 August 2013:  For ease of access and reference, we are in the process of cataloging all of our investigative articles and reports by topic. We have begun with our coverage of Benghazi, which is accessible at this link.  The Benghazi murders and cover-up provide a window into the agenda that was set into motion a long time ago, but accelerated under the regime of Barack Hussein Obama.

Please read all of the reports pertaining to this issue, as they will provide documentation of our investigative activities immediately following the attack.

We were on the forefront of exposing the activities in Benghazi as a large weapons smuggling operation hatched at the highest levels of this administration and executed by the CIA in tandem with other foreign intelligence agencies.  The policy has brought us to the precipice of World War III, where we will find ourselves involved in a global conflict against Russia and perhaps China.

More areas of investigative focus will be added to this section of our website. Stay tuned… and be prepared, as the world as we know it can change quickly.