Hagmann & Hagmann on The Josh Tolley Show


By Douglas J. Hagmann

Tuesday, 27 August 2013: Join Douglas J. Hagmann and his son, Joe on The Josh Tolley Show today beginning at 10:15 am ET to discuss topical issues that will affect everyone, from the looming war in the Middle East to the coming global financial crisis.

Are you fully aware of the events that are currently taking place that will change your way of life? If so, how will you fare in the coming storm? Are you prepared?

Josh Tolley is listed as one of the top 100 business and personal growth trainers in the world. His goal is to “reignite the flames of liberty, freedom, and purpose using reason and logic.”

While many hosts and writers may warn you about events on the horizon, too few address how to adequately prepare yourselves and your loved ones. Join out discussion live today to learn not only about the coming events, but how you can take steps to prepare.

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