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By The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

30 October 2013: Curious about the effects that comet Ison might have on the earth? Do you want to know when the comet will have the most interaction with our sun, and what it could possibly mean? Want to separate fact from fiction by someone with the credentials to explain what we are about to see?  How about the power grid going down, which has been an issue widely discussed on many internet forums?

If you are curious about these and other issues, including the best alternative energy sources to have in place at the time of an extended power failure, the Tuesday, October 29, 2020 edition of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report is a “must listen.” Stan Deyo returns to The Hagmann & Hagmann Report at his regular Tuesday slot after a brief bout with illness. The calm demeanor of Mr. Deyo is opposite those who constantly shout that the sky is falling, and he offers his astute observations and practical advice in a very concise and easily understood manner.

Listen to Stan Deyo during his extended visit with us on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report beginning at the top of the second hour. His knowledge is encyclopedic, yet he lays it all out in a very easily understood manner.  Also discussed this week is the future of the US dollar, and thoughts about the ongoing economic crisis. Where should your priorities lie in terms of preparing for what’s to come?

Please download the archived version of the Tuesday, October 29, 2020 edition of our show by clicking here.

Also, we strongly advise anyone who has not done so to order Holly Deyo’s Book, Dare to Prepare, 5th edition. It is full of new and critically important information that will greatly assist in your preparations. We also urge everyone to order Stan’s book, Cosmic Conspiracy as well, as his work contains important information that provides a lens in which current events should be analyzed.

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  • Purchase Cosmic Conspiracy (final edition) by clicking here