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-Doug Hagmann, Director

Statement from the Northeast Intelligence Network

20 January 2008: Over the last several months, the Northeast Intelligence Network has been quietly conducting a number of investigations into threats posed to the safety, security and sovereignty of our homeland. Our core network of highly trained, professional veteran investigators located in three countries on two continents have developed - and continue to develop - information that we feel is critical to the safety, security and sovereignty of the U.S., Canada and in fact, all Western countries. The United States, Canada and the West is under attack by several enemies - externally and internally - by Islamic terrorists and their supporters, and by individuals and organizations with globalist agendas. To exacerbate the threats, our media has fully succumbed to pressure exerted by special interest groups and those in positions of power. We have the evidence. The manipulation does not stop with the media, but also extends to various Internet sites once considered valuable and accurate sources of accurate and unbiased news. [Read more...]


Official Statement Regarding Debbie Schlussel’s Legally Actionable Allegations against the Northeast Intelligence Network

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Founder & Director

17 August 2006: On August 16, 2006, an extremely defamatory article containing maliciously false accusations made against me, the Northeast Intelligence Network and our staff was published by a web “Blogger,” movie critic and attorney named Debbie Schlussel. There are some people who have apparently heard of Schlussel as she boasts of having an “online fan club” that she describes as the “second largest for a political personality–behind only Ann Coulter.” When not writing movie reviews, it appears that Schlussel writes articles about terrorism and publishes them on her Blog.

Obviously, the Northeast Intelligence Network investigates and reports on terrorist related activity, something Ms. Schlussel apparently finds objectionable and hence, has inspired her to print blatantly false but extremely serious, malicious and libelous allegations that I, as founder and director, cannot permit to remain unanswered. The most serious accusation levied by Schlussel is plagiarism, a charge that Schlussel, who appears to suffer from episodic bouts of delusional fantasies of omnipotence in the field of investigative research and source development, has levied against such fine people as well-respected author Jerome Corsi, Monica Crowley of MSNBC and host of her own radio show in New York, Jeff Jacoby, a prize winning journalist, Boston Globe columnist Cathy Young, and writers from WorldNetDaily, just to name a few. Apparently, all of those fine authors and journalists owe much of their success to the hard work they “ripped-off” from Schlussel.*

Considering that Schlussel seemingly regards publishing reckless accusations of plagiarism as a recreational sport, I find it ironic that she states, “People have patterns of behavior, not unique blips of them.” The above is no better illustrated by Schlussel, who has left a well documented trail of behavior that seems to be accompanied by her plaintive, whining resentment against anyone who appears to be getting more attention than her. Based on those identified above, I am in good company. To directly answer the charge of plagiarism, however, I completely deny that I, or anyone associated with our agency has ever presented any of Schlussel’s intellectual property as our own. In a case where an informational overlap occurred, we even gave Ms. Schlussel attribution and a link to her Blog. That, however, was obviously not good enough as she thinks she has exclusivity on factual information.

In her rambling, delusional and downright childish sounding tantrum, Schlussel has also stated as fact that our network has no researchers or investigators – they simply don’t exist. Apparently, the likes of Mr. Sean Osborne, a very honorable veteran and defender of the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic is merely an illusion, as are the others. That accusation is well beyond ludicrous and is simply absurd.

Schlussel further claims that “numerous (unidentified) sources” have written to her, also asserting that plagiarism is a common practice by members of our agency. Within her column laced with attacks on our professional integrity, she posted a portion of one e-mail she claims to have received a day before she published her article. That e-mail supposedly contains “confirmation” of these unfounded allegations of civil torts, by an unidentified person who accuses the Northeast Intelligence Network and every individual involved with our organization as being “complete and utter fraud(s).”

Of course, the actual writer or the person who allegedly wrote that e-mail is never identified, choosing instead to hide behind the perceived anonymity of the Internet as most gutless and cowardly detractors often do. Despite this individual’s attempt to be publicly anonymous, my investigation has found that the e-mail she cited within her article originated from someone using the Internet name “sick boy.” I should know, as I have the entire text of the e-mail, some which was used verbatim in her column, including the verbose headers. It is interesting that such a “respected journalist” would find corroboration of maliciously false accusations by someone hiding behind that Internet identity – or at least would not seek to obtain a true identity. According to federal law, the time of hiding behind false Internet personas to harass, defame and annoy is coming to an end. As an attorney, however, Ms. Schlussel should know that.

I also find it interesting that this “respected journalist” would be duped by baseless allegations, especially those originating from the original text referenced in the “e-mail” printed in her column - the same posting/e-mail that I have in my possession. Even the most cursory research would show that the document originates from a known associate of Lisa Lasky, who was once associated with our organization under the name Laura Mansfield. Ms. Lasky, writing articles under her pen name Laura Mansfield, who now bills herself as an expert on the Middle East and an author of three books, was terminated from this agency for failing to produce the necessary evidence to prove her assertions in the article she wanted printed. In the investigative world, such authentication is absolutely necessary to substantiate the claims made in any article intended for publication. This is an investigative standard that must never be compromised. When she failed to do so, she sought other receptive sources for her information.

Unfortunately, Ms. Schlussel failed to research the fact that much of the subsequent information that maligns our integrity also originates from Ms. Lisa Lasky, a/k/a Laura Mansfield by proxy through her close associates. Mansfield, it should be noted, permitted her actual identity to be made known by her public appearances and speaking engagements, including one in her own hometown. As an attorney, one would expect that Ms. Schlussel would conduct a certain amount of due diligence of her sources.

Finally, when an attempt was made to discuss this issue with Ms. Schlussel by one of analysts who took issue to the charges, Ms. Schlussel responded in a vicious, hate-filled e-mail filled with further threats of “exposure,” again stating in part, “You guys are frauds… Perhaps you should change your mission statement, since it is false. The more fitting one would be: All the plagiarism that’s fit to print… You guys are a joke. And now you’ve been exposed as thieves. The shoe fits very well. Time for you to wear it.”

Well, Ms. Schlussel, I truly don’t understand your animosity, and tried to settle this amicably - to no avail. This is not the way the war against Islamic terrorism should be fought. It is shameful. Your behavior is shameful. Grow up. And let’s all get back to work.

*CORRECTION: While Ms. Schlussel did indeed accuse these people, and many more, of plagarism, Crowley and Jacoby were not accused by Schlussel of specifically plagarising Schlussel, but merely of being plagarists, and plagarising other people. A list of those accused by Schlussel of plagarism is forthcoming, to assist those interested in keeping the “list of the accused” straight, as the way Ms. Schlussel operates gets to be a bit dizzying. I regret ANY inconvenience this error might have caused. –Doug Hagmann 18 August 2006; 0950 p.m. ET