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Osama bin Laden audio: “is it live or Memorex?”

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

25 January 2010: The release of a one-minute audio message reportedly from Osama bin Laden obtained and aired on Al-Jazeera TV yesterday has many veteran intelligence insiders both concerned and somewhat at odds with each other about the authenticity and intent of the message.  The message bearing the title “From Osama to Obama” consisted of a voice purporting to be that of bin Laden accompanied by an older image of the top al Qaeda terrorist.  Osama bin Laden addresses US President Obama personally, taking credit for the Christmas day airline bombing attempt by Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab and warning of continued attacks as long as the U.S. continues to support Israel.

While at least one private intelligence agency believes the wording contained in the statement is possibly indicative of an impending attack by al Qaeda, others, including veteran U.S. intelligence contacts closely held by the Northeast Intelligence Network, express doubts that the message is any type of instructional command.

“The message was indeed out of the norm in content and length, and the timing is certainly a concern as is the reference to the Christmas Day bombing attempt,” stated one intelligence source in a telephone interview with this investigator Sunday evening. “We have no doubts whatsoever that Islamic terrorists are engaged in planning attacks against the U.S. domestically and abroad, and that includes continued attempts against U.S. flagged airplanes. But it certainly does not limit attempts against our commercial aircraft, and I would caution everyone to be vigilant not only while flying, but everywhere,” added this source. “We must be careful of tunnel vision, and not become too focused on any single target opportunity.”

When asked if the voice of bin Laden had been authenticated, this source stated that there is disagreement among analysts about the voice being that of bin Laden. “Certainly, it’s possible, but just because it’s possible, that doesn’t make it so.”

Investigators and researchers at the Northeast Intelligence Network are continuing their analysis, while communicating with sources inside the intelligence community. There is a level of distrust with regard to the authenticity of this and previous messages purportedly from bin Laden, especially when the best proof of life (of Osama bin Laden) is in a form that can be easily manipulated. We are not as easily convinced or prepared to state, as other agencies have already stated, that the audio statement “appears to be exactly what it purports to be, an audio message from bin Laden.”

Additional details will be forthcoming.

Text of Osama bin Laden’s statement:

In the name of God the most passionate the most merciful, from Osama to Obama.

“May peace be on those who follow the light of guidance. If our messages to you could be carried by words we wouldn’t have done that by planes. The message I want to convey to you through the plane of the hero, Mujahid Umar al Farouk [referencing Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab] reaffirms a previous message that the heroes of 9/11 conveyed to you and was repeated frequently.

The message is that America will never dream of peace unless we live it in Palestine. It is unfair that you should a safe life while our brothers in Gaza are suffer greatly therefore with God’s will our attacks on you will continue to (as long as you support) Israel. Peace be on those who follow the light of guidance.”

Lackawanna, NY “good boy” in custody in Yemen

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

22 January 2010: Jaber A. ELBANEH, 43 year-old former resident of the Buffalo suburb of Lackawanna ,NY and one of the leaders of the “Lackawanna Six” group of young Yemeni terrorists is reportedly in custody again in Yemen, according to officials. In the spirit of cooperation with the Holder Justice Department and the Obama administration, he now wants to “lawyer up,” perhaps taking cues from 23-year-old Nigerian native Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Muslim terrorist who attempted to blow Northwest Airlines Flight 253 from the sky on Christmas Day. Abdulmutallab, who was reportedly trained in Yemen by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), was read his rights and granted access to a lawyer.

ELABNEH was indicted in absentia in a federal criminal complaint in the United States District Court for the Western District of New York, Buffalo, New York, charged with providing material support to a terrorist organization and conspiring to provide material support to al-Qaeda. He was added to the “FBI Most Wanted Terrorist” list with a $5 million reward offered for his arrest and conviction. Yemeni authorities have had ELBANEH in custody several times in the past seven years, but Yemen’s government has refused requests from the U.S. government to extradite him. Continue reading

Terror probes - what you’re not being told

By Douglas J. Hagmann

31 December 2009: On August 1, 2001, Hollywood actor James Woods witnessed four men of Middle Eastern appearance engaged in suspicious behavior on a transcontinental flight from Boston to Los Angeles. Mr. Woods’ first public recounting of his observations was five months after 9/11 on The O’Reilly Factor. During that February 15, 2021 broadcast, Mr. Woods stated that the suspicious behavior of the four men “would have been blatantly obvious to the most casual observer.”  Investigation ultimately confirmed that the actor witnessed a “practice run” for the 9/11 hijackings. He ultimately learned that all four men he observed aboard his flight were terrorists who took part in the murderous hijackings on 9/11 – and that they were not all on the same plane during the actual hijackings.

Fast forward to Christmas Day 2009, when Islamic terrorist Umar Farouk Abdul-Mutallab carried PETN onto Delta-Northwest flight 253 and attempted to detonate the explosive package using a catalyst in a syringe. As some “assembly” was required, Abdul-Mutallab used the lavatory prior to his attempt at mass murder. Note carefully witness accounts glossed over by the media, downplayed or denied by officials, such as a second person allegedly taken into custody while another aboard the aircraft reportedly took video.

Intelligence analysis confirmed that Islamic terrorists always use such practice runs, often dubbed “dry runs” or probes to assess operational logistics and various aspects of airline security.  Knowing that and having better hindsight after 9/11, why haven’t we seen media reports, DHS, FBI or TSA acknowledgement of such probes prior to the Christmas Day bombing attempt? Was there a practice run for flight 253? What about the second person reportedly arrested, and reports of a bomb sniffing dog hitting on luggage in the possession of a man a witness described as a 30 year-old male, possibly from India, while the passengers were being held for individual questioning by the FBI?

Answers to some of these questions might be found in the statement obtained by this investigator on behalf of Canada Free Press and the Northeast Intelligence Network from a passenger aboard the very same flight from Amsterdam to Detroit exactly one week before Christmas Day. While filling in on the Schnitt Radio Show, nationally known talk radio host Pat Campbell received a call from Howard, a passenger aboard flight 253 one week before the attempted bombing. Howard recounted the odd behavior of two passengers during the flight, one well dressed man in his mid 30’s and a female of European origin. While Howard reported the incident, there appeared to be little official interest in his observations.

Howard provided his contact information to Pat Campbell, who in turn provided his contact information to this investigator. The information obtained by this investigator is contained in this report [PDF format]. While it is possible that the observations documented in the report could have a rational explanation, the events must be considered through the template of the actions we know took place aboard the Christmas Day flight.

Through the documentation provided by Howard, this investigator verified he was indeed a passenger aboard that flight. Further, the description of one of the passengers is indeed consistent with the as-yet unidentified male witnessed at the terminal.

The meaning of this is simple: the security of our airlines are being probed and probed heavily by al Qaeda and Islamic terrorists. Failing to admit and make public this tactic is endangering the lives of everyone flying this holiday season – and beyond. We have been proven ineffective in our fight against such probes not by the savvy nature of the terrorists, but by the neutering of our pre-flight security for fear of ethnic and religious profiling and outright failure to identify our enemy and provide an honest portrayal of their objectives. We are advised to report suspicious activity, yet are ridiculed and even threatened with predatory lawsuits when we do, as in the case of USAir Flight 300 in November 2006.

The time to identify threats to our citizens aboard our aircraft is on the ground, not at 35, 000 feet, and certainly not in a forensic lab in some makeshift morgue. Had things happened differently above Detroit on Christmas Day, it is likely that government officials, the media and others would be lamenting the continued problems associated with center fuel tank explosions, citing TWA Flight 800 as the last example.

Plane bomber’s U.S. connections

By Douglas J. Hagmann

As initially reported by this investigator on Canada Free Press and the Northeast Intelligence Network, authorities have been investigating U.S. links to Muslim terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. As detailed in our update posted at 9:00 pm ET on December 25, 2009, we were the first to report that federal investigators were interviewing at least three other individuals said to be in the Detroit area in relation to this bombing plot.

Authorities have now revealed that Abdulmutallab attended a two-week seminar at the Al-Maghrib Islamic Institute in Houston in 2008. The Al-Maghrib Institute has direct ties to the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which was named by the U.S. Department of Justice as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2007 trial of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development. Most notably in this matter, it has a branch in greater Detroit, identified on their web site as the Windsor/Dearborn location.

As reported yesterday by the Star Telegram, Abdulmutallab spent two weeks in Houston in August, 2008 “attending a seminar” at the Houston Islamic center. Investigators have now broadened their scope to include the contacts made by Abdulmutallab in Houston, including at least three other individuals who have since relocated to the greater Detroit area.

As detailed in an extensive 2007 report about this Islamic center, “Al-Maghrib instructors also regular [sic] speak with other extremist preachers advocating for terrorism and violent jihad.” According to extensive investigative reports published since 9/11, instructors and staff from that institute have been associated with numerous supporters of terrorist acts, including homicide bombings.

ANOTHER security incident aboard same Delta flight TODAY

By Douglas J. Hagmann

27 December 2009: Investigators are reporting yet another “security incident” involving a suspicious, disruptive Nigerian passenger aboard Delta flight 253 that landed at Detroit Metropolitan Airport  today at 12:35 pm ET. This is the same flight that 23 year-old Muslim terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempted to blow-up on Christmas Day. According to investigators, the flight crew requested emergency assistance Sunday upon landing in Detroit. The flight landed without incident.

According to on-site reports, a Nigerian man locked himself in the lavatory of the aircraft and would not exit when requested to do so. He also became verbally abusive to the flight crew during the incident, and was taken into custody shortly after the aircraft landed. The remaining 255 passengers were removed safely from the aircraft.

Our investigation into this incident is continuing.

Muslim terrorist attempts to detonate explosive aboard Detroit bound plane

By Douglas J, Hagmann

UPDATE 9:00 pm ET 25 December 2009: Abdul Farouk Abdul-Mutallab (a/k/a Umar Farouk Abdul Mudallad), a 23 year-old Nigerian national, who is reportedly an engineering student at University College in London, UK, is the primary suspect in the attempt to detonate an explosive aboard Delta-Northwest Flight 253 as it prepared to land at Detroit Metropolitan Airport just before noon today. The suspect’s air travel originated in Lagos, Nigeria when he boarded board KLM Flight 588 to Amsterdam, where he then made the connecting flight aboard Delta-Northwest Flight 253 to Detroit. According to officials in Amsterdam, the suspect’s  stated purpose for traveling to Detroit was to attend an Islamic ceremony in Michigan. The suspect, who suffered second and third-degree burns on his upper extremities, is being treated at the University of Michigan Medical Center and will be transferred into federal custody.

According to a law enforcement source speaking to this investigator, the suspect is on several terrorism watch lists and is also reportedly on a federal no-fly list, although there is some confusion about the latter. “It might be the result of variations of the suspect’s name,” stated this source, although this source admitted it would be unusual due to the methods currently employed to guard against such omissions. This source also stated that there is “direct intelligence that links this suspect to al Qaeda in other countries beyond Nigeria, including persons of interest currently living in the UK and the United States.” The investigation in the U.S. is just beginning, and it is expected that “federal authorities will be interviewing at least three other individuals in the greater Detroit area,” he added. “The status of other aircraft and flights are also of significant concern,” stated this source.

Speaking to this investigator exclusively for Canada Free Press and the Northeast Intelligence Network, this law enforcement official stated that federal officials are “extremely interested” in how the suspect was able to circumvent security and bring the explosive device aboard the aircraft. Although security in Nigeria and at European airports is less restrictive [than inside the U.S], “this is most definitely something that should have attracted the attention of airport security, without any doubt whatsoever.” According to this source, federal authorities are looking at other possible scenarios on how the device made it aboard, and whether any of its components might have already been aboard the connecting flight.

Although the official response so far has not been to officially increase the air travel alert level, holiday travelers should be prepared for longer security inspections and extra screening. The timing of this attempt against an airliner destined for the U.S. could be significant, and this might not be an isolated incident. It was eight years ago this week that Richard Reid, also known as Abdul Raheem and Tariq Raja, was arrested for trying to detonate an explosive in his shoe during a flight from Paris to Miami aboard American Airlines Flight 63, a Boeing 767.

25 December 2009: An Islamic terrorist reportedly of Nigerian origin attempted to detonate a crude explosive device aboard Delta-Northwest Airlines Flight 253, flying from Amsterdam to Detroit as the plane was beginning to land at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.  According to a law enforcement source close to the Northeast Intelligence Network spoke to this investigator approximately 45 minutes after the man was taken into custody, the man who attempted to blow up the plane over U.S. soil is on numerous “watch lists and a no-fly list” and is known to have al Qaeda connections and contacts in the U.S. and abroad.

According to our law enforcement source, the Airbus 330 was carrying 238 passengers and was in final preparations for landing at Detroit Metro at approximately 11:30 am local time.  “As the passengers were being prepared for final approach, the suspect successfully lit a small, crudely fashioned powdered-filled device. It is believed that the device malfunctioned, although there was a relatively small popping noise heard throughout the cabin that amounted to what some described as a firecracker,” stated this source.  “Almost immediately, passengers near the suspect physically subdued him, and were assisted by two members of the flight crew,” added this source.

Additional information about the suspect, the device, and how the explosive was able to be brought aboard will be forthcoming.

It should be noted that the Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press and have been at the forefront of reporting with regard to numerous recent disturbances aboard aircraft by Muslim travelers.

Terrorists in our midst

“Nearly four years after our initial investigative report about a domestic terrorist group was made public, we can provide readers the first in a series of exclusive comprehensive updates about Jamaat ul Fuqra’s presence and activities in the U.S. and Canada. While much has been written about this terrorist group and their ‘training compounds,’ the cold, hard facts are far more disturbing than the Internet folklore they attract.”

By Douglas J, Hagmann

Editors’ note: This is the first installment of updated information a combined investigation between Douglas J. Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network and Judi McLeod, founding editor of Canada Free Press.

18 December 2009: Readers of Canada Free Press and the Northeast East Intelligence Network will recall our initial report published in February 2006 about Jamaat ul Fuqra, an Islamic terrorist group operating under the guise of legitimacy by adopting benign sounding identities such as the International Quranic Open University and the Muslims of the Americas. The reality is that Jamaat ul Fuqra is a fully operational Islamic terrorist organization firmly embedded throughout the U.S. and Canada and led by top Pakistani terror leader Shiek Mubarek Ali Gilani of Lahore, Pakistan. Gilani is most well known for his role in the death of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, a claim denied by Gilani and the subject of an ongoing dispute among terrorism investigators. Continue reading

Profile of Major Nidal Malik Hasan

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

11 November 2009: This profile of Nidal Malik Hasan includes his movements up to and including the day of the Fort Hood massacre with pictures of him smiling on 7-11 grocery store closed circuit surveillance cameras on the day of his rampage.   The mysterious visitor to the Hasan apartment on the Tuesday before the tragedy, described by 53-year-old Alice Thompson, manager of the apartment complex where Hasan was a tenant, as dressed in full Muslim attire, may hold the key to how long Hasan planned his killing spree. The 13 dead included to his fellow unarmed soldiers, civilians and an unborn child  at America’s largest military base. Continue reading

Ft. Hood shooter’s computer reveals al Qaeda connection

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

9 November 2009: According to an intelligence source speaking to the Northeast Intelligence Network, forensic analysis of Nidal Malik HASAN’s computer and other media determined that HASAN had routinely visited al Qaeda and Islamic terrorist web sites in months and weeks leading to last week’s massacre at Fort Hood. According to this investigative source, HASAN also downloaded material from the web site operated by former Dar al Hijrah mosque leader and terrorist facilitator Anwar Nasser al Awlaki. As reported here, al Awlaki was an imam at the Dar al Hijrah mosque in Fall Church, Virginia in 2001, where he advised and facilitated two of the 9/11 terrorists  in the months prior to the attacks. Al Awlaki also counseled HASAN during that same period.

The information obtained from HASAN’s digital files reportedly shows a “pattern of deliberate and willful planning to conduct some type of attack against the U.S. military prior to his deployment” [to Afghanistan], stated this source who requested anonymity as he is not authorized to speak publicly. “The motive behind the massacre appears to be rooted in his ideology, an ideology which was emboldened by online activity,” added this source.

As indicated by a ABC News Online article, intelligence sources reportedly had a level of knowledge that HASAN was in communication with al Qaeda assets abroad. The source speaking to this author confirmed that report but went further, stating that this and information similar but not directly related to such communications became a “political issue” between government agencies and officials “at the policy making levels” of the administration.

According to this source, the now infamous pre-9/11 walls erected within government agencies have returned, “but this time they are higher and stronger.” “There is an unwillingness to address ‘delicate’ intelligence and security matters by sharing information outside of the beltway, and that directive comes right from the top. That’s all I’m going to say right now,” stated this source.

Based on the information provided during this interview, it would appear that intelligence officials were well aware of not only HASAN’s prior associations with known Muslim terrorists, but his current sympathy with anti-American, pro-jihad, al Qaeda ideology and his views about the U.S. military engaging the enemy on Muslim soil.

US troops in Iraq: Kill a terrorist, go to prison

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

27 October 2009: Perhaps you’ve heard about this story. If so, please read on for information important to this case you have not read anywhere. If you have read about this incident, definitely read on as it will most likely change your mind about the “guilt” of a soldier convicted of murdering an al Qaeda terrorist in Iraq.

Yes, you’ve read that correctly - a US soldier has been convicted of murder for killing an al Qaeda terrorist in Iraq. Since the wholesale murder of nearly 3,000 people on American soil on 9/11, it’s been my understanding that killing terrorists is something that we’ve asked our soldiers to do on our behalf so that we may sleep more safely and soundly in our beds at night. Unlike our enemy, however, we must kill them by the rules, of course. Continue reading