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The Age Of The Machine

“Think about this for a moment: there are tens of millions of 50+ year old workers out of work today who would be willing to go to work tomorrow for 1/2 of what they use to earn before the Great Bank Robbery of 2008.  That means any business could get all that knowledge and experience for half-off.” - Dick Lane

By Dick Lane, guest contributor, author

21 September 2013:  In the 1970′s, there was a psychological movement known as ‘est’.  It was a four day 15 hour a day seminar of sensory deprivation where you went in nutty and came out nuttier; different, but nuttier.  But there were some interesting things in the program.  One was simply choose.  Chocolate or vanilla?  Chocolate.  Why, because I chose chocolate.  May sound stupid reading that moment of time today, may be incomprehensible to some, but the point was showing the individual to simply choose, don’t analyze why you like chocolate or vanilla, don’t think what you ought to choose, just choose.  Just think and make a decision. Read the rest: here.

USDA: 101 Million Americans Receive Food Stamps

Written by Susanne Posel Special Contributor to The Hagmann and Hagmann Report. food stamps

17 July 2013: The US Department of Agriculture (USDA)reported that 101,000,000 Americans are on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in the domestic US at a cost of $114 billion annually as of 2012.

For perspective, the number of US citizens receiving food stamps surpasses the number of employed workers in the private sector.

The Bureau of Labor (BoL) statistical data shows that in 2012 an estimated 97,180,000 full – time workers were accounted for.

The USDA said that the surge of Americans accepting SNAP benefits is at a “historically high figure that has risen with the economic downturn.”

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