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Jim Lee Breaks Down FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt), Mind Control and Fukushima.

how-tv-works-Jim LeeBy Mitch Santell, producer - The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

23 August 2013: Tonight on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report we have a very special guest, Jim Lee. Mr. Lee is considered to be a “Researcher’s” Researcher. This may be the show you have been waiting for your whole life so please turn off your T.V. also known as TELL-LIE-VISION. Topics covered will include FUD, Mind Control and Fukushima. To learn more about how “Fear is the path to the dark side” and insights into why we have come this far, click: here.


Influence Co-Opts President, Congress, Courts

By Wayne Jett, guest contributor

The past 100 years have been phenomenally successful for a small, powerful circle often called “the Establishment.” In 1913, the Establishment got its long sought private bank (called the Federal Reserve) with the exclusive franchise to create and lend legal currency used by the U. S. government and the American people. The same year, 1913, they got a tax on all income earned by productive people, with rates graduated higher for more successful producers. The very next year, 1914, the Establishment commenced a landmark achievement: World War I. 

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The Hagmann and Hagmann Report With Jim Fetzer on The JFK Killing, NSA, & 9/11

Monday, 24, June 2013: Written by The Producer of The Hagmann and Hagmann Report

John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy

A very special interview with Jim Fetzer on the JFK Killing, 9/11, and the current issues with the NSA.

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Do We Really Have to Go Through This Again?

By the Producer of The Hagmann and Hagmann Report.

11 June 2013: Now back on American soil what I am witnessing here is like a bad episode of the Twilight Zone. It is like all of the adults have exited the building and the asylum has been taken over by the crazies.

Most of all the “apathy,” “the cloning off,” “the cattle viewpoint” is amazing to behold.

Most young people today so want to be accepted by the herd…that they will “say anything,” “buy anything…” and “go along with anything” to be part of the GROUP.

Yesterday we were out shopping for groceries with my 26 year old son Michael….my wife of 27 years asked our first born what he disliked about living in South Orange County…..California…he response “I dislike it because there is nothing to dislike….”.

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Tonight: How Obama is implementing the Globalist agenda through illegal International agreements

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6 June 2012: Tonight on the show we will be discussing how the globalist agenda is being carried out by the Obama administrations direct push to cripple the rights of Americans by surrendering our own constitution to international law. Entering into illegal international agreements that will surrender US sovereignty to international powers over the seas, resources, taxes, laws and much more.

Obama and members of his administration have been pushing for the Senate to ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty and have been seeking the help of foreign allies to pass this law.  Join is in the chat room or call in at (661) 244-9839 and give us your take on these traitorous politicians who knowingly are destroying our nation.

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