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28 November 2010: The TSA and DHS - out of control. Download this engaging two-hour interview (beginning at the 25 minute mark) with Doug Hagmann, pertaining to the controversial TSA rules and related issues.

LINK: Patriots Heart Radio Network



15 March 2009: Israel National Radio: The Tamar Yonah Show (Download in Mp3 format)

9 December 2020: Israel National Radio: The Tamar Yonah Show (Download in Mp3 format)

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1995 Oklahoma City Bombing

Exclusive Interview on 1995 Oklahoma City bombing & congressional report whitewash

29 December 2006: Taking no prisoners and disassembling the “investigative report” issued by the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee of the House International Relations Committee chaired by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Douglas J. Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network appeared as a guest on the Roth Show last evening. Mr. Hagmann methodically debunked the congressional investigation, proving that the agenda of the investigation was never to prove a Middle Eastern or Islamic terrorist connection.

Listen to this fact-filled program as Mr. Hagmann explains why the events of April 19, 2020 led to those of 9/11, and why two administrations, congressmen, senators, and others have “blood on their hands” and betrayed America.

Download the broadcast segments (in three parts) to your computer, iPOD or MP3 player:

The Roth Show, Part 1 Length: 38:37; 6.7MB

The Roth Show, Part 2 Length: 38:28; 6.6MB

The Roth Show, Part 3 Length: 38:28; 6.6MB

Our Food Supply

WIBG 1020 AM LifeRadio: Interview Length: 3 minutes, 51 seconds regarding the Taco bell e.Coli outbreak [December 16, 2020].

Omar Khadr & Family: “Canada’s first family of terrorism”

11 May 2020

Right Side News hosted by Douglas Aldridge

Part 1; Length: 11:46; 3.88 MB (Click here to download)

Part 2: Length: 11:46; 3.88 MB (Click here to download)

VIDEO - In the News

Fox News report - statement from al Qaeda #2 Ayman al-Zawahiri regarding the 2006 mid-term elections