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Kevin M. Shipp

Exclusive interview:

“The CIA examined every word in every sentence.  After a two year battle, they approved [it] for release.  Unknown to them I built a code into book - exposing the black outs in Chapter 26.  The CIA missed it,” stated Mr. Shipp.

The code exposes the CIA’s use of the State Secrets Privilege to conceal the illness of my wife and children.  There have been other cases in the CIA and cases in the US military where people have been injured or killed because of government negligence, and it has been covered up using secrecy.”

“Originally I built the code into the book as a legacy to my wife and children.  I was going to leave the key to them after I was gone, so someday they would have justice for what was done to them.  But, they have been pleading with me for help.  So, I have decided to release it now.  I am taking a significant personal risk to do this.  But they did this to my children.  You don’t mess with a man’s children.”

Wednesday, August 21, 2020

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