Child Trafficking is Real - We Need Your Help

Child Sex Trafficking & Cognitive Dissonance


US Terror Threat: Coordinated Attacks, Wildfires, & attacks against our Infrastructure

28 October 2003: Analysis of Threats Within the US: Coordinated attacks with specific focus on New York and Washington, DC. Attacks against power grids,...

Found: Indication of Chemical Weapon Shipment “For Ramadan”

25 October 2003: The above was found by Northeast Intelligence Network analysts “posted” on a private Internet terrorist forum - it was posted on...

Erie International Airport Security Incompetence

22 October 2003: Tom Ridge Field, Erie, PA– It took place at the airport named after Erie’s own Tom Ridge, Director of the United...

America At War: They’ve Killed Innocent Civilians!

14 May 2003: It’s the opening days of the first war of the new millennium and the images appear on nearly every television screen....

“365 Days”

"...with each passing day, our collective anger seems to have dissipated but among a few. And one can rest assured that those who call for understanding will not be the ones to wipe the tears from the child’s cheek or embrace the grieving widow, for they are busy tearing at the fabric of America.