Yet another brutal Muslim terror attack in London, UK. I’m sure that more candle vigils, flowers and teddy bears will undoubtedly be laid out where the victims were killed. More calls for peace, peaceful coexistence, and understanding.

In the words of a friend from the UK: Bollocks!

The responding police yelled to people in the areas of the attacks: “Run! Hide!” Again, BULLOCKS!

This is certainly not how I intend to respond when it happens here. I intend to do whatever I can to stop these feral, Satanic killers from harming me, my family or other innocents. But first, the truth about the driving force behind these savages must be understood by one and all.

“Coexistence” is a lie. Assimilation is a lie. The entire “refugee crisis” is a lie. The threat is real.

Watch this short video segment as Randall Terry succinctly explains the threat - excerpted and edited from The Hagmann & Hagmann Report.

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