Sobering - There is No Privacy Anymore

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This is what exposing fake news looks like. It’s taking the allegations that the Russians “hacked” and “influenced” the 2016 Presidential elections and exposing them for the lies they are. The people who are perpetuating the lies are the very same who are at war with the truth-seekers and the truth-tellers. They want to silence us by whatever means necessary.

If you think you have any degree of privacy anymore you are delusional. If you believe that the government is not spying on you, regardless of your position in life, you are mistaken. It’s not paranoia or hyperbole, but a sad fact of life in 2017.

The more influential you are, the greater threat you pose to the powers that exist in the shadows, the bigger target you become. “But I’ve got nothing to hide!” you exclaim. Perhaps not, but does that make it right?

Watch the video, particularly the segment with John McAfee that begins at about 5:30 into the video. He clearly debunks the “fake news” of Russian hacking and exposes the vulnerabilities we all face as Americans. And I also want to know what our government is doing, particularly when their actions impact our individual and collective rights.

There is a war that is raging behind the sound bites and headlines.