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Full disclosure of the Benghazi situation would expose an agenda that would surprise many Americans and answer a lot of questions about what’s really going on in the world, even offering explanations for such issues as Obama’s low-bow to the Saudi Royals to the exposure of a plan for the global power structure. It’s that big and that revealing, and that important.

There’s a real-life game of Risk being played by Obama and the major powers of the world, and Americans are involved in the game by default. Much like the actual Parker Brothers game of military strategy and world domination, Benghazi acts like a snapshot in time of the players, exposing the armies and their positions on the board. In those terms, it shows that Benghazi was a skirmish of significant import, and reveals the agenda and strategy of a number of players.

As Americans, however, you were not asked whether you wanted to play. Your role was predetermined for you. The color of your army, that of the Muslim Brotherhood, was picked by Obama for you. Unlike the game of Risk, the real life version produces real causalities. Obviously, four Americans are dead, but no one seems to be talking about forty thousand more men, women and children who have been killed in Syria as a result of the real world actions caused, in large part, by Obama’s actions in Libya. Or the tens of thousands refuges created. This is the real world version of Risk.

Compendium of reports

24 September 2012: Body of lies from Benghazi to Barack

5 October 2012: Diplomatic Deception

8 October 2012: Lemmings… At the precipice of WW III

22 October 2012: Death Race Damascus: 13 Days in October

26 October 2012: The hidden real truth about Benghazi

29 October 2012: Obama’s October surprise – exposed by Benghazi?

1 November 2012: Abandoning America’s honor

5 November 2012: Obama’s real world game of risk

10 November 2012: Cover-up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

11 November 2012: The “secret” information by Paula Broadwell

13 November 2013: Sex, Lies and Obama Ben Ghazi – A Shakespearean tragedy

27 November 2012: Benghazi explained: Interview with “Intelligence Insider” (Part I)

27 November 2012: Benghazi explained: Interview with “Intelligence Insider” (Part II)

11 December 2012: Benghazi explained: Interview with “Intelligence Insider” (Part III)

2 December 2012: Behind the lies of Benghazi

4 December 2012: Chemical weapons reports in Syria, exactly as warned

19 December 2012: The wretched absurdity of the Benghazi Report

8 January 2013: Flashing red lies of Benghazi

24 January 2013: Running down the clock on Benghazi

21 February 2013: Brennan: From Barack to Benghazi

25 April 2013: Benghazi Report: Trinkets of Treason

3 May 2013: Unraveling the Benghazi cover-up

16 May 2013: The Benghazi deception

23 May 2013: CIC Obama MIA records will provide critical answers

28 May 2013: Question over missing time deepens

17 July 2013: TWA Flight 800: Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Benghazi warm-up

3 August 2013: Unmasking the embassy threat

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